USAA and VCM need to be investigated over this BS with the transfer.  People need to contact the SEC and/or government agencies that over-see financial instituions.  Like other folks here, I can't access the VCM website even though I set up the profile a couple weeks ago, and I'm unable to reach a representitive per phone call.  I have made multple attempts since Nov 9th.  I don't know if the fund names and account numbers are the same, the current amount, nothing.  When I email USAA Mutual Funds, I get excuses and lip service.  I've been with USAA for over 40 years and this is how I'm treated.  I'm also sick of their political-correctness garbage, giving money to racial justice nonsense.  Bit-by-bit, I will be closing every account with USAA.  They SUCK!


Hello @disgustedwith, it is difficult to hear how let down you feel. Your concerns are very important to us and we have escalated them. Please know you will be receiving a call directly from Victory Capital to assist you further. We appreciate your membership and assure you we take this matter seriously. Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback. -Paula 

You are so right.  USAA is really a company that is dying a slow and miserable death.  A CEO who is asleep at the helm and a Board of Directors who have lifted their oars out of the water.  I, too, am a 40 plus year member and during the last decade or so, USAA has lost its edge.   They want you to believe their mantra that they know what it means to serve, and perhaps they do but they only serve themselves.  This is a member owned outfit and we members should be able to get enough interest and change the organization and its mentality.  However, when you complain to USAA about the VCM debacle, the offer up lame excuses that the transition has not gone as they envisioned it.  Well I'm sure they had to vision to begin with so what can we expect.  It would be nice to storm the next general membership meeting and force the issue but alas, I am sure that USAA will have strong arms to prevent anyting other than a love fest.  Like you, I plan on moving my business elsewhere after the first of the year.  Not that it will be better but at least I won't have to listen to that stupid chant anymore:  we know what it means to serve.  Yeah, right!

@tikkun I see my colleague has shared your other post so I will send this along as well so that the best team can assist you. We do value your 40+ years of membership and thank you for your patience.  -Meredith