USAA it would be REALLY nice if you would edit the Money Tracker and Budget Tools within your app and website to allow full flexibility on the Main Categories and Sub Categories within each tool. Everyone has different needs and categories for tracking their personal finances and the way the app/website is currently set up it doesn't allow you to easily delete, manipulate, categorize and maneuver items within the program to fit your personal needs. We're bound a set system structure, with a set number of sub categories ... which doesn't fit everyones needs and makes it annoying to sift through items you don't want that the system won't let you permanately delete. Making the update to add full flexibility to these features would make these applications significantly more useful to all users. Currently I keep having to export transactions out of USSA to an excel doc in order to manipulate transactions/categories/sub categories within excel to display the data in a way that works best for our family. It would be wonderful to be able to do this entirely within your platform and use the charting and category compilations already developed within the USAA program vice having to export transactions each month into alternate programs (i.e. Microsoft Excel) and spending additional time crunching numbers outside of the USAA application. Please make this update. THANK YOU!!!


your loyal customer 


@PNW member, I appreciate the time you've taken to share feedback with us on how we can improve our money manager tool. We continually look for ways to improve our tools and to improve our members experience online. Your feedback will be shared with our leadership team for review. Thank you for your time. - Rhonda 

This is a common complaint due to lack of development of this product and goals section. It would be warranted at this point to deploy some developers to enhance or modify the current tools. I know I have spoke with some employees who stated that you have some of this in development but sure has been along time since I heard of this. Can you provide feedback on where this is ?

@batman23, That's a great question. At this time, we do not have any further information on when the Money Tracker and Budget Tool will be updated. - Ben

Thanks for the response. Can you confirm this will be updated with the updated web version set to release late this year?

@batman23, Thanks again for reaching out. At this time, it has not yet been confirmed that the updates will be released later this year. - Ben