I have three USAA accounts - two checking, one VISA. I use the USAA Budget/Spending tool to track my daily spending across a spectrum of categories - Home, Gifts & Donations, Utilities, etc. All of the general categories are created by USAA, and I can create sub-categories to those - for example: Gifts & Donations/Charity.


I am now pulling together tax info. I want to see all my spending from 1/1/18 to 12/31/18 for one of the checking accounts and the VISA. And, I want to see them in the pre-selected categories/sub-categories I've laboriously created.  When I select those two accounts and ask for my 2018 spending, why, when I want all my spending shown for the year 2018, are many categoriized  transactions suddendly dumped into an newly created "Other" category when they are not really "Other"?


Instead, many of the categories cease to be listed in the list to the right, and the spending for those categories is now inexplicably buried this new "Other" category. When I click on "Other", I now see a cross-section of transactions - charitable donations, ATM withdrawals, personal stuff, etc. - all of which are actually in other categories. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated!




Ramona3 - Sorry to hear you are having difficulty. There are currently no known issues. Please call our technical team for help at 877-632-3002 and say "technical support" at the prompt. Thanks, Jason

Hi Ramona3, like many budgeting tools out there, I find USAAs budget manager tool to be glitchy and as most, never really quite does what you envision it doing. You could for example update transactions under a specific category, only to login later and have it change back like you did nothing at all. Frustrating and the reason I never use it.

@usaa what is the status of new budgeting tool deployment?

That's a great question, @batman23. I'll engaged the appropriate area to provide an answer and follow-up with you. Tricia

Is there any update forthcoming for the Money Manager/Budgeting Tool?


I really want to use USAA for all my needs, but the tool is pretty clunky, especially on the USAA app.

Dear @Jethro64


There are no plans for an update to money manager at this time. However, your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be collected. Thank you for sharing your suggestion. - Jesse 

Thank you jimmyb84:


From one of the USAA replies, it appears an update is forthcoming.


I agree it's frustrating. I am a long time member of USAA - approaching  45 years - so I have a high degree of trust here that they'll figure it out. We shall see!