So now that USAA in their infnite wisdom has made their mobile application only accessible to those members with newer (Android 4 or better) phones, does anybody know what other options do I have for depositing checks besides the "checks in the mail" deposit method since I don't have access to a scanner?


I know about the whole UPS Store thing but the closest one is over 20 miles.


I imagine the android 4 or better became necessary with the whole heart bleed virus issue. Do you only bank with USAA? I use them and Chase and my chase app still works on older version if android. Then I transfer in to USAA because they do treat me way better then chase. Anyway hope this helps



1. The current USAA Mobile App for Android found here indicates that it requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

2. HISTORY LESSON: Android 4.0.3 was released on December 16, 2011 as noted here. So that means that it has been working for over 2 years on Android 4.0 and up.


3. It is always recommend you use the most updated version of the USAA Mobile App. If the App worked prior to the latest release (April 2, 2014) then it should work now.


The only help I can provide for you are these suggestions:


4. If you have ISSUE or a PROBLEM / COMPLAINT then click here to start the process of telling USAA all about it.




5. You can try to contact USAA about your ISSUE or a PROBLEM / COMPLAINT via their Twitter Response Form




6. You can call the USAA Website Support Team at 1-877-632-3002 and speak to one of USAA's Website Support Team Members whom will be happy to assist you. They are open 6 a.m. to midnight CT, 7 days a week.



Phone Menu Tip:
At the main menu say: "Technical Support", or the name of the specific feature, such as "Mobile App" or "Deposit at Mobile."



USAA can't begin to address your concerns until they hear from you.


I hope I have helped in some small way.

Im having the same issue ITS NOT THE PHONE, its the codding for the new app.

Mine was working ok until a few days ago.


I called tech support, and they were no help, they just read out from a book, his answer was get a new device, thats insane,

I say get a better codder.





I have been with USAA for over 30 years. I am a " over quarter century customer." 

The new USAA MOBILE APP is only compatible with those smart phones, etc., that are compatible with 5.0.

If you uninstall the old 4.0 version and do not have the old version to restore, you have LOST IT! You cannot get it back nor will you find it on Play Store. Only the 5.0 version is downloadable. 




MUSTANGDRIVERP51 - We regret hearing you are having difficulty using the USAA mobile app on your device. Unfortunately, we are not ale to address technical issues via our Member Community. Please call 877-632-3002 and say "technical support," when prompted for troubleshooting assistance. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason