I am posting as I am finally at my wits end with USAA’s customer service. After multiple calls with the fraud department and unanswererd questions, responses, and just a serious lack of service any time you call USAA, you can just see they are not the USAA of years past and customer service has quickly declined over the lat few years. Once upon a time, USAA was where I did business with my fellow service members and their immediate family. Now, I do business with anyone that has ever touched a service member or perhaps walked by one in the past--that is all you need now to become a USAA member!

I have been a USAA member for almost 20 years; banking, auto insurance, credit cards and most recently homeowners insurance. I can honestly say, and you are welcome to confirm this within my files, that I have had nothing but heartache and distress when using USAA customer service the last few years. I have to fight and almost stalk USAA in order to get an answer, follow up, information about my accounts. Even when I was rear ended and involved in an accident I had to reach out to USAA and initiate contact when they refused to investigate the accident and reimburse my $1000 deductible. At one point I almost gave up, thinking my mental health and sanity were not worth $1000!

However, most recently, it is now with fraud. Ironically enough the only fraud situations I have ever had have been with USAA FSB; my card has been compromised so many times it is almost ludicrous! The ongoing joke in my home is how many debit cards I have had! No other bank have I had this issue with-only USAA.

There was an ATM withdrawal on my account I did not make associated with my debit card. I immediately called USAA and reported this transaction and requested a new ATM card (as the customer service specialist did not even bring up a new card!). I waited and had no follow up, which for me is par for the course with USAA as I never receive communication unless I initiate it on any claim-auto or banking. When I reached out regarding the transaction dispute the agent apologized and advised it would be escalated. I received a follow up call from your “non-fraud” department who stated this was certainly fraud and they were transferring the claim to the fraud department. A few days later, no call from USAA I get a generic email that states simply: We have determine the 3 transactions not to be fraud. First, I never claimed three transactions, I am well aware I made two ATM withdrawals. I am not on psychotropic medications and I do not drink alcohol so I know my senses were not inhibited and there were indeed two transactions, however, not three,  and I only stated one was fraudulent or a glitch.

Not only did no one call me regarding this, however, there is no way in 24 hours there was any kind of investigation done into this  matter or anything more than one random person seeing it was a “chip read” and dismissing it. While I am sure the amount is not a large amount for everyone, it is for my family. We are home owners and try to be responsible with our spending and finances. $X is a rather large amount for us and certainly not an amount that should be dismissed with the wave of a wand by a paid employee that did not even find it necessary to investigate beyond seeing the card was read at an ATM. Obviously there was an ATM glitch, a card scanner, fraud within the establishment, etc. These things may seem far fetched, however, I may only grasp at straws as I seem to be the only person interested/worried/caring about the fraud.

This is not my first experience with the esteemed USAA fraud department. I had a very similar experience last year when someone used my card in Australia to buy a plane ticket. First, I had to fight tooth and nail to have the claim opened, I waited on holds of over 1 hour just to discuss it as I was unable to receive follow up, and finally once I exhausted myself fighting USAA they gave me my money back, however, someone within USAA FSB decided I should not have all of it due to the exchange rate! So I had to fight again to get my full amount back.

I know it is about numbers rather than customer service. I know although my husband and I served our country and chose USAA because they were military friendly it doesn’t matter anymore because practically anyone can have USAA now. I know if I “don’t like it I am free to take my business elsewhere” (your rep’s make that clear). I know that I am one person with one issue and it is not important to USAA. However, I also know I did not make that third ATM transaction. I also know I am still a customer and deserve to be followed up with and treated with respect. Lastly, I know that an investigation should be at least that: an investigation, not a write off or an email that tells someone to go pound dirt and stop annoying us.

I am ashamed of USAA lately. I am ashamed that I had to cry, argue, fight to get my money back from your fraud department last year. I am ashamed that I had to cry, argue, fight to get my insurance deductible back a month ago. I guess now I am ashamed that I have to write this and copy as many people as I can (I searched for email addresses of board members and the CEO and sent emails to them as well) to hope and get a response from someone for an ATM fraud glitch this year. I am more ashamed that instead of spending time with my family last night, I cried and had a nervous breakdown because I don’t know what to do about my experience with USAA. I am disgusted with myself that I have let myself become emotionally attached and involved to an organization like this. You should be ashamed of yourselves as a company and more so of your customer service-or lack thereof.


Ashamed USAA Member of Twenty Years


@Member20YearsI'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. I will have these details submitted to a subject matter expert for further review. ~Sarah 

Just out of curiousity, which SME will this fall under and what would be the approximate follow up time for that follow up? I notice that your response is the canned response for every comment so I was curious for confirmation.......

It is just best to leave USAA.

I am starting to see that may be the case, especially looking at this message board and speaking with freinds and even family members. My father left USAA almost 8 years ago and warned me of this.......I should have listened then. 

Some very interesting posts on this site. I was seriously considering USAA to save some money on my P&C insurance needs, but after reading these posts, there's no way I'd replace my local State Farm Agent just so I can be put on hold for an hour waiting to speak to some USAA clerk I'll never even see. So, NO THANKS, USAA. 

I am reaching out to update as there as still been no resolution and I am still unable to get in contact with anyone or get a return call. On 9/25 I received a call from Nicholas Carter, "representing the office of the CEO" reassuring me that my voice was heard and the investigation would be open and someone would be reaching out to me. On 9/27 I woke up to the credit for $X being reversed and still no contact from anyone at USAA fraud department. I immediately called Mr. Carter and left a message letting him know that not only did no one reach out to me, however, USAA reversed the temporary credit. As of today, 10/1 I am still unable to get in touch with Mr. Carter and he has not returned my call nor has anyone in the fraud department. I called the 1800 number again, bounced through a couple of operators and was then told that no one was available to speak  with me and yes, the claim was closed on 9/21 and has not been reopened and no additional notes have been provided to the claim. Tamilarasi Parasuraman is the analyst assigned to my claim-I am not sure who he/she is as I have never spoken with them and am starting to realize I still may not. If someone is going to be assigned to "make something better" or to "make sure an investigation will take place" they should indeed be doing just that. 

My husband told me to cut our losses, yet I continue to believe that someone cares. It is not possible that a whole organization can be this callous and cold-right? While I understand you will not reach out to me directly, if you can find it in your heart or at least in your business mind to not lose a customer of almost twenty years, I would truly appreciate an investigation into the matter of these funds that I not only did not withdraw but never received. I hate to think that I could be brought to groveling but indeed I am doing just that. Tomorrow is my birthday, the best gift USAA could give me would be to do their job. Speak to their customers and investigate fraud!

I am very sorry to hear of your situation @Member20Years. I would like to wish you an early Happy Birthday, I do hope you have a great day tomorrow. Your concerns regarding this situation have been escalated for further review. -Colleen

Thank you for our reply Colleen, however, I can tell you it was relayed to me that there would be NO investigation and this came straight from the "Office of the CEO" representative Nicholas Carter. There never was an investigation (I already said it was a an ATM withdrawal that I did not make), USAA stated after their "extensive" five hour investigation it was a "chip read"---well, yea.....it did not take an investigation to determine that?! An investigation is HOW was it a chip read, was there a skimmer, how will USAA protect me and my security, why did I make TWO withdrawals and yet THREE were processed?! But no, alas, even the office of the CEO has the same response according to Nicholas Carter--"there will be no further investigation or contact from USAA and it has been closed" after I called and left two messages, posted on here, and emailed again. Obviously everyone on this board is right-I mean look at your messages they all have the same trend on this board and it is not satisfaction......

Customer service has hit new low. 

“Another” insurance company does boats/res and Schwab and victory capital now run the show. 

Leaving soon.  Going to vanguard n fidelity.