USAA Limitless Going Away

I've been very happy with my USAA Limitless credit card. It's gives a great not complicated 2.5% back on all purchases. I just received a notice today that USAA is discontinuing this credit card. This makes me very upset, as it was a great card with great benefits. USAA is saying that I'll be getting 1.5% cash back. 1.5% back is not great considering many banks are offering between 2-4% cash back, with differing requirements. USAA just removed the monthly deposit requirement. I would be 100% for adding that requirement back to the card to keep this benefit.

This upcoming change makes me very frustrated and angry with USAA.

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At least making this a 2% card to not only compete with direct competitors such as Navy Federal and Randolph-Brooks, but also to compete with all other banks, would be nice.

Considering usaa is raking in more money in swipe fees because of high inflation, they could give us a card that is 2% cash back.

Has usaa considered how much less in swipe fees (and interest, for customers who pay interest) they will be generating once this card is no longer 2.5%?

I spend a lot of money on this card. Once dec 2022 is here, nope no more. Usaa won’t be generating swipe fee revenue from me.

If, if, they made this a 2% then and only then would I spend a single cent on this card.

@10plusyearer, Thank you for sharing your feedback. We will share your feedback with the appropriate department. We appreciate your membership! Tricia

I was surprised to see this card go away. Obviously it was not cost efficient, to continue to offer this product, since they canceled it. But why no just charge a higher annual fee or reduced 2.5 to 2 percent, in an effort to save the card concept. Card was offering was just degraded to typical card. I never got the card personally, but was a great offering. Also, other competitors offer 2 percent and other rewards for loyalty with deposit accounts and this card. Anyways sad to see option gone. Good luck every one, on finding a replacement
It’s a conundrum for me. I’ve already moved my insurance away from USAA due to deteriorating principles and practices but left my banking and credit cards. Without my limitless rewards card there’s simply no reason to remain. Most banks have caught up with online banking, in fact, maybe I’ll try my local bank instead. At least I’ll be treated like a human being, not a digital data point. In fairness to USAA, I will give them to the end of the year to mitigate this disastrous decision. If not, I’m out.

Hello and thank you for reaching out to share your thoughts concerning the limitless card going away. We value your feedback and will make sure that the appropriate department is engaged to consider your feedback for future changes!

    Wow, and it is through this blog; that I've come to learn of the USAA Limitless Going Away credit card-oh how I would like to apply for such a credit card. It brings me to wonder why, why is it going away?

Dear @Icwjr, 


Thank you for your interest in the USAA Visa Limitless Card. I appreciate your feedback. By simplifying, USAA can focus on the credit card products currently offered to provide future enhancements and the best service to members. - Jesse 

If USAA still has room to reconsider I suggest realigning to USAA Limited reward card. Cap earning to first $15K-25K/yr.  This would be enough for me to continue using it as my primary card.

@coveredinbees, we appreciate the feedback regarding our credit card accounts.  We will submit this feedback for further review.  We value our members suggestion and feedback as this helps us gage our service and products.  While we cannot guarantee an immediate change may occur, we will certainly have this reviewed. 

I'm just ticked off that the Limitless was never made available in my state in the first place! :-|


Anyway, some other options:


PenFed Power Cash Visa 2% (no foreign transaction fee)

Fidelity Rewards Visa 2% (1% foreign transaction fee)

Citi Double Cash Visa 2% (3% foreign transaction fee...ugh!)


In addition to the Alliant 2.5% Visa mentioned elsewhere in the thread.




Not to mention USAA's excellent Cashback Rewards Plus 5% for certain categories!

Pay more, get less.  That is the new USAA motto.

@BrownieBug, this is concerning to hear and never how we want our members to feel. I have sent your feedback to the appropriate department for review. - Robyn

I moved all my credit card business back to USAA when the USAA Limitless card became available.  I already have a USAA card at 1.5%, I don't need another one.  Guess it will be time to move my business back to Navy Federal who offers 1.75% cash on every purchase; why would I use my USAA card and earn less?

@PJ1234, We appreciate you posting on this topic in our member community. We are simplifying so we can focus on the card products currently offered to provide future enhancements and the best service to members. That is the official way of explaining the change. I understand your perspective and want to be sure your feedback is captured and sent to the appropriate area to take note. We value your insights and hope that we continue to be the card you choose when making a purchase. Thank you. ~ Suzy

Please include our disappointment and frustration, too. We make many monthly purchases using LImitless and can only hope USAA will roll out a better credit card sometime before December when 2.5% is slated to end.

I'm sorry for the disappointment the credit card changes are causing you. I will make sure to forward your concern to the appropriate department for further review and consideration!

Hi Suzy @usaa,

I also am disappointed with this change and also echo others who are very aware of better cards that currently offer 2% or more
cash back (and like my NFCU cash back card with 1.75% back is more that the 1.5 change).

I have two questions on the letter that says: “ We have upcoming offers and communications planned for members who had the USAA Limitless Cashback Rewards Credit Card. We encourage you to consider opting-in to marketing messages…”

1st question: what sort of offers? Are you creating new credit cards in lieu of this limitless card? When are these offers expected?

2nd question: I am opted out for a reason. I do not want to opt in to marketing, can these “upcoming offers and communications” just be an uploaded letter on our online account just like this notice of change was delivered?

Thank you. Also, if our feedback is really being forwarded, is there a chance of convincing the powers that be on keeping the limitless card?

I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

I always thought that USAA was one step above every one else’s credit card. I’m highly disappointed that it dropped to 1.5%. Now I’m going to look to another card that can give me a better rate. Any one already found better offers?