USAA Just Charged Me $20 To Wire Money from USAA to Nationstar, for USAA

I am writing this post because publicly highlighting USAA's poor customer service is increasingly the only way to get good service from them.  I recently refinanced my USAA mortgage through Navy Federal (which offered me a better rate).  Apparently, the payoff amount Navy Federal sent to USAA's mortgage servicer (Nationstar) was slightly low due to some payments USAA made out of my exisiting escrow account in the days before closing.   Because the Navy Federal payoff wire was slightly too low, USAA just held the funds (over $688k) for days without applying to my loan.  When I saw that the payment had not been applied, I called USAA's mortgage servicer and said "What's going on?"  When they explained the issue--essentially, "we're sitting on 688k and continuing to charge you daily interest on your mortgage loan becuase your escrow has a 2k negative balance"--I said "No problem, I will pay the escrow shortage right now." They would not allow me to make the payment via the normal, fee-free service provided on the website.  Instead, I had to pay $20 to wire money from USAA to Nationstar's account for the benefit of USAA--seems ridiculous.  I asked USAA to waive the $20 wire fee and got bounced around from USAA rep to rep for over 30 minutes -- each time with the new rep having no idea why I had called.  USAA is turning into a clown shop with poor customer service across banking and insurance functions.