USAA sold investments to an outside company. I spent 3 hours on the phone with an investment planner working on a financial plan. At no point, did he mention the sale, no recording was played while I waited. He said the money market account was the best place to hold money. I had several USAA investment accounts, 2 joint with my husband. Now we can't access the accounts on the USAA app, can only transfer to and from my account. It takes a large effort to just to deposit money into my money market. No one can tell me if the access will get better, if the new company will start charging fees, or split with USAA and take my money with them. They did say the Liberty & USAA can split at anytime, there's no guarantee period. How does this happen without getting every account holders attention? I didn't get an email, letter, message, or alert about the buyout. I just got an angry call from my husband becasue he thought I took him off the accounts, that's how I found out about the buyout. I haven't called USAA in 7 months.


Typical usaa poor customer service.  Personally, I would look to move investments from usaa. That's what I'm doing.

I'm moving all of my finances to Schwab. I get 4 times the interest on savings, 3.7 times the interest on checking and am linked to a Schwab investor account only paying $4.95 per trade. No minimums, no daily balance, no ATM fees. That's what I'm doing.