Won't happen.  USAA's main priority now is to enrich it's CEO and upper management.

Fast forward a few months and here is the SitRep. I held off on changing insurance because I was doing a refinance, but now that- that is over with; I went ahead and got updated rate comparisons as of 10/22/2021.


These are apples to apples comparsions, same coverages, same vehicles, same state.


Keep in mind these are ANNUAL figures, for both home and auto combined.


USAA = $5,954

State Farm= $4,323

AAA= $3,507

All State= $4,790

Farmers= $3,926


I could literally go ANYWHERE else and save myself some considerable money, without going to some unknown/ unproven insurance company. These are the titan's of the insurance industry, your direct competition!


So if you are anything like me, and you failed to do your due dilligence ASSUMING Usaa was the best rates in town (because for the longest time they were hands down), please start calling around to see if that is still the case. I was absolutely blown away at how EXSPENSIVE Usaa has become. 


I'm pulling the trigger today!

18 year member is moving on! 


Hi, @IRQVET. Thank you for reaching out and for your membership of eighteen years. This is concerning to read, indeed. Were you able to review with our team already as well? ~ Steven 

I sugguest you re-read this thread in its entirity, you'll find the answer to your question explained at nasium . . .

Happy to report, I have severed my relationship with USAA.


Saved $2,324 Per Year on my Home & Auto Insurance by switching to AAA.





I agree with you 100%.  I had USAA auto insurance for 50 years but recently dumped them for the gecko.  I'm saving 44%.

Yeah I hope USAA can figure it out and pull the nose up. Lately I've found them to be all talk and no action, which is unfortunate to see them fall from such a high level of grace. I used to be proud to do business with them, but that is no longer the case. 


I always thought I'd have USAA till I die, and my kids would have it for the rest of their lives. Seems like USAA is stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime with their short sighted business practices. IMHO they need to round back to what made them sucessful in the first place.