Why are USAA insurance rates so high? USAA’s rates are TWICE what I pay at Liberty Mutual for the same coverage. Why?!

USAA’s support of BLM is also a major problem for our family; BLM is a violent and hateful group that is doing all it can to tear the country apart. Why would USAA think that members of a “veterans” bank would support leftist hate?


Have you ever looked at how many veterans are african american and latino?  There is violence on both sides that is unexcusable but BLM doesn't automatically make you violent.  Plenty of BLM supporters and activists are peacful and trying to do something good for this country.


Wake up!  This president and his cronies don't want to  help YOU!  They want to help themselves!!

Thank you and you are absolutely correct!

It isn't about what race or creed you are, BLM is an organization that its leaders have admitted to being trained marxists. Last time I checked, marxism is an enemy of the state and has no room in modern society and western civilization. Thus, the English Premier Football league recently denounced BLM and has now started their own slogan "No Room for Racism" which everyone can get behind. Now, you can support that Black lives matter, along with all races, but the political organization Black Lives Matter doesn't deserve the amount of support it has gotten this summer.

I have been trying to communicate with USAA about this since I first noiticed that very illconceived statement from the new CEO four months ago- a statement littered with "social justice" catch phrases as if they were taken from NBA player's jerseys! USAA has consistently failed to respond to my concerns, despite telling me on several occassions they would get back to me. Finally, on Aug. 21st, an administratror type person told me unequivocally that USAA supports BLM and there will be no going back, including support for all the causes de jour, such as "defunding" the police. It is shameful that USAA is engaging in partisanship, let alone aligning itself with such a racist movement that values the lives of black Americans based solely upon how much profit can be made based on the nature of their death. Perhaps even more shameful is that USAA seems to be hiding this momentous change from its members- no "Letter From Wayne" (the CEO) mass e-mail- as if they want to say they are hip and woke to the right group of people but are worried what the members might think.

You have it all wrong Reid Fitzsimons . . . Black Lives Matter IS NOT a violent organization but rather outside instigators causing confrontations! Here's WHY "Black" lives really DO matter . . . My brother (a black man), a 28-year veteran with the Houston Police Department always shares experiences that he is allowed to share . . . here's one incident:

- Residental call, HPD dispatched, unit arrived (my brother and his white partner), results - resident shot himself, white officer completes report and it reflects "self-inflected gun shot wound". 

- Residential call (2 months later), HPD dispatched, unit arrived (my brother and his same white partner), results - resident shot himself, white officer completes report and it reflects "suicide". 

My bother was steaming mad and spoke with the white office about his "choice of words" and the officer refused to update the report until upper management was involved. I asked my brother what difference does it make as both individuals died and he advised me that insurance will pay for a "self-inflicted" incident and based on the policy terms, it WON'T pay for a "suicide" incident. So, did they black life matter to the white officer . . . I guess not and I glad they are no longer partners! Best wishes and I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement . . . and all lives matter!

Explain to me whay there are so many Black, Hispanic & White Police Officers killed if the BLM Marxist organization is not violent?? 

Kevin, you are wrong . . . Black Lives Matter (BLM) is NOT a violent OR hateful group and is NOT tearing the country apart. As a "Black" member, our thoughts count also and my family (who are veterans) totally support BLM and they ARE NOT a leftist hate group as you wrongly claim. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the one who is tearing the country apart and on a mission to further devide races as he HAS DONE his ENTIRE life. Please stop posting false information but rather research and post facts. Best wishes!

Meant . . . "on a mission to further divide races"


I think you need to do a little personal study, and not rely on hearsay and the media for your 'facts'.  Black lives matter.  Just the phrase itself is racist. Just change the first word to White and see the outcry of racism...pure hypocracy.   Now look up the founders of BLM.  ALL THREE OF THEM ARE STAUNCH MARXISTS, LENINISTS.  They are proud of that position, and will not deny it.  They have numerous you tube videos espousing these positions.  They are strong advocates of a one caste system and equal redistribution of all wealth.  If you are not aware, Marxism IS communism, and if you are not aware, Communism is DIRECTLY responsible (not through wars) for the MURDER of over 100 million human beings in the 20th century.   94% of ALL THE VIOLENT RIOTS over the last five months have been 'organized' by BLM.  This is your movement of peace!  Dr Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave!!!