11/8/2018 - I am not one to complain.  I don't submit negative reviews on products or services.  But I am very disappointed that the company that I have been with for 17 years is hurting me and my family by reporting a late payment on a credit card to the credit bureas.  This (one and only in 17 years) late payment was on my spare AMEX card that I used only because I didn't have my wallet on me at the time made purchases of less than $200.  Once I realized the payment was due/overdue, I immediately paid them.  Long story short... they refused to take this negative report off from 2015.  Everything is affected by your credit.  Every type of loan rate and all of your insurance premiums are affected.  Over time, this can add up to thousands considering the value of the real estate one has and the amounts of insurance needed.  I am a financial advisor, and have many former military members that pay me for my advice.  So now, not only will I never use any of their services again, I will make sure that every single person that I come in contact with, knows that USAA will not take care of their customers, nor will they make any exception whatsoever, regardless of any circumstance.  I've spent numorous hours, submitting requests to credit burea agencies, submitting online requests to USAA, mailing physical letters with evidence of my immaculate credit history and this anomoly with this tiny late payment, and calling them on the phone... only to be told that they used to make exceptions, but they won't anymore.  So, as wrong as I may be in my feelings, and as right as they may be by referencing their rules, I know there is always a way to make things happen.  It is only if the company has a will to do so, and they do not.


If you like dealing with robots with no human compassion or understanding, then by all means, stay with USAA.  As for me and my family, we will not.  I will do everything in my power to be a force against this company, starting with this post.  Word of mouth is a very powerful thing.  


I'm sorry, are you saying that you failed to pay your bill on time? therefore, rightfully earning a derogatory mark on your credit(like anybody else would). So your bashing and blaming your financial institution for not covering it up for you and cleaning up your mess? You sir/mam can't be serious? Did I read that correctly?

@Paul Jr    Believe or not, many credit card companies will look at your credit history and remove a late charge if you have a good history of paying bills on time and if it appears that ONE late payment appears to be an anomaly.   USAA is not so forgiving because let's face it, USAA would have to give up the interest and penalties generated by the late payment.   And let's be honest,  there are many members out there who pay all their bills on time but something unexpected happens or sometimes they just make a mistake.  It would be great to be perfect all of the time, but that isn't the real world.  The real world is that once in awhile we all make mistakes - many companies get this, but USAA doesn't, something I find ironic considering the increasing number of mistakes they have made over the past 5-10 years.

No, USAA isn't hurting your family.  You did it all by yourself.  You actually paid a full 30 days or more past the payment due date.  That is called financial negligence.  Now, though, you want a freebie.  


While a few credit card companies will give you a break, by far the majority will not.  American Express will not.  Capital One will not.  Chase will not and neither will Barclays.  


You screwed up.  Live with it and stop whining.