Since the Brokerage account was transferred to Schwab last May, it seems unfathomable that a company as large as USAAis unable to get the Tax Forms ready.  You have had nine-months you could have been working on this.  Would someone please forward this to Mr. Dana Simmons, I understand he was responsible for this department.  I have been unable to get contact information for him and want to be sure he is aware of this black-eye USAA is receiving.  I have been a member of USAA for 59 years and have never experienced such ineptness in the past.  


@59Years, I appreciate you taking the time to share today. The 1099 forms have been mailed out, and they're in the process of being uploaded to USAA Tax Document centers, available to view soon. I understand your disappointment in this, and I've shared your concerns with the appropriate team. We appreciate your longtime relationship with us, and we're honored to have you as part of the family. ~Holland

Yes, I did recieve by mail one of my 1099 forms.  Where is the other?  And yes there was a link in my messages to the brokerage 1099's.  But the links led me to 1099R from annuities.  This is incompetence at its highest form.  USAA used to be such a great company to work with.  It looks like those of us who have been with USAA for may years have been abandoned.  I am very disappointed.

@Prop Guy: Do you really think anyone at USAA cares about our grievances? The tax forms issue, the Quicken fiasco that has yet to be resolved, a message center that is still on their website as of right now, but has been abandoned. And the standard response to this will be that our concerns will be shared with the appropriate department. Yeah, right. Probably goes into the round file.


My wife was a computer programmer for a major bank. When they had a computing issue that affected customers, she and anyone else as needed was called into work regardless of the time of day or night and the issue had better be fixed immediately. You just don't screw with customers banking data and take weeks to fix it. If USAA continues to have these kinds of issues, customers will vote with their pocketbooks and take their business elsewhere. I'm sure we'll never get a straight answer, but I have to wonder what happened at USAA. This is completely unlike their past performance where they were the best of the best.


Agreed, USAA has abandoned us.  Much of our bankng activity has already been transfered to Ally Bank, but I think I will completely move to Ally.  The insurance proucts I am using seem okay for the moment, but I have not had any communication with them on any of my policies.  The premiums have gone up substancially so maybe I should at least get some quotes.  As far as moving from USAA causing difficulty in unwinding all of the financial interactions:  they forced that when they sold the investment products to Schwab.

I agree -- it is truly pathetic that USAA is so late in delivering the Brokerage 1099's.  How they could not have seen this coming is beyond understanding.  My guess is that the decision to sell off the brokerage business was accompanied by lack of planning for its consequences.



64  years here and I agree with you.  I am seriously thinking about leaving.  Tough to do when so entertwined.


If I understand what little information I can get, I will not be able to down load directly to Turbotax, even thought USAA prominently adverstises Turbotax.


You cannot navigate the phone menu to reach a human on this topic.

We are very unhappy with USAA for not sending the tax forms.  We have received none from USAA.  Today is 2/28/21,  We have received forms from Schwab and Fidelity... weeks ago.  Where is the USAA IMCO information?  That is the only information that we are lacking.


We have been really happy with USAA for years but we am not near as satisfied now.  It seems that USAA is becoming a "big business" with very little concern for members.  What does it mean to be a member now?  Use to be that USAA did not need to advertise and word of mouth was enough.  Now USAA is spending big money on TV advertising, etc.  Is this really good use of the money or is it just increasing our insurance rates?  We'll be doing some comparison of insurance this year.  Did not really think that was necessary in the past.  We were willing to perhaps pay a little more  because of the great service from USAA.  It's time to rethink that assumption as the great service is not so great anymore.