One if the reasons I've been a satisfied USAA customer since 2001 is the forward thinking this institution has been about taking advantage of current and, at times, cutting edge technology.
A few months ago, Google released an updated Google Pay app what will soon include a very nice service they call Google Plex. It is technically a front end for banks that could provide their services, with a little bit of Google magic.
To date, 11 financial institutions—three big banks, four community banks, two credit unions, and two digital banks—have announced partnerships with Google for the 2021 launch of the Google Plex checking account.
Of course, they are open to more banks to be added if they choose to. So my question is, does anyone knows of USAA could be / will be adding their platform to this service? Thanks in advance, good day and Happy New Year.


TechnicallyErreDe - We are always evaluating new technology to help provide the best experiences for our members. I have forwarded your comments to the appropriate teams. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason