@Shoke, this isn't how we want any of our members to feel. Can you share more about your experience? -Holland

USAA Has become a VERY Controversial Insurance Company. It has proffered while citizens see their insurance increased to  unheard & unfairnes in amounts of monthtly premiums . It has raised premiums massively, even though we've  filed 2 only claims in the last 2 years due to a flood in our home from a broken main & damage from a hurricane.

I always was pround of USAA, but now I'm finding they're just pulling the wool over our eyes. I'm EXTREMELY disgusted with

their unfair practices. $526;00 is TOTALLY UNFAIR TO lONG TERM CUSTOMERS.. I will file a case against the Better Business & Insurance Watchdog.You should be ashamed with your unfair raising of the premiums FROM $300/amonth to $526/a month

I 'll need torethink whether this company is perpetuating unfair practices.

My father was a Captain in the Coast Guard most of his life. He, too would be angry with these outrageos premiums.

I would like this unfair practice & increased premiums addressed by the company head.This is so unfair to peope like my spouse & I whom are on Medicare & Social Securtiy & barely getting by.

@Boom*, we value your membership and understand your concerns with the premium increase. So that we may have the opportunity to review your policy with you and address your concerns, I have escalated your post for further review. Once reviewed someone will reach out to you to discuss in more detail. Thank you. -Cynthia