I have been a member of USAA since 1999 and have several accounts and a mortgage with you. Until recently, I didn't notice that USAA doesn't not have a "branch" office in the state that has the largest US Air Force Training Wing that includes the newest 5th generation fighter, an exceptionally large National Guard and Reserve populace and an extreme number of former members of all branches of service living here.
Why is it that to relieve your exceptional service outside the scope of what is provided on your Web pages and apps, that I have to drive to San Diego..El Pass.

A soon to be member of USAA.


Sly515, USAA strives to provide the best banking services for our members. This includes outstanding and user friendly services for USAA.com and our mobile app. Many things that you can get done in a bank lobby can be done online and over the phone. By making online banking easy, we are able to save our members money and pass that savings on to our members. We understand that some members to prefer a lobby to walk into, and encourage our members to reach out to us so we may answer any questions you may have. We do appreciate your feedback and I have shared it with the appropriate team. If there is anything else we can help with please let us know. - Janay


When you really need them, they will leave you hanging. Put any money you save on their services away, you'll need it later when they don't take care of you as expected.

R. Scott Maynard - Your membership is important to us and this is not the experience we strive to provide. Are there any concerns we can address for you? Please provide a summary of your concerns and we will be happy to reach out to you. Thank you - Tricia

Huh? Who needs a local branch these days? If you can fly a fifth generation fighter you can use the web I think.