mr rogers

I have been a member of USAA for over 43 years and have many products with them because of their high quality service and security. I have finally encountered a service that they are not good at and has left some doubt about their overall customer service. My wife and I are in our 70s and we are getting our financial affairs symplified and inorder for seniors. We set up a trust with a local lawyer and are following guidelines to put our checking accounts into the trust. We started a Cashback Rewards checking account in April 2018 and requested paperwork to put the account into our Trust. We were told this type of account could not be put into a trust. We would have to start a new checking account or set up a savings account. Eventually we decided to go with a savings account. Then the paperwork nightmare started. It is mid July and it is still going on. Multiple calls to customer service have been ineffective. Long holds some resulting in disconnections plus they seem either overworked or not really interested. The Trust Dept seems totally controlled by lawyers and strict administrative legaleeze requirements. I was a nuclear missile officer in my 26 years in the Air force and this makes me feel like I`m undergoing a nuclear inspection. Request some guidance on how to get this done as my wife and I have made a strategic decision to consolidate our programs with USAA and now we have some doubt which is not good for seniors.


mr rogers - I regret hearing of the difficulty you have had in setting up your account to be held in your trust. We strive to do our best to balance member service with regulatory compliance. In reviewing your information, it appears this matter was addressed earlier today by phone. Please look for the W-9 and remember that we need the title page of your trust to move ahead with your request. THank you for speaking up today. - Jason