USAA DOESN’T CARE ABOUT US!! I’ve had usaa for about 5 years not and I have not felt more violate in my life! So October 27 I received a phone call from USAA number and the guy spoke to me about fraud happening on my account. I gave him the basic information (name, address) and when asked about charges on my account he told me I need to change my pin and asked for it. I told him I feel comfortable changing it on my own and that was the end of the call. Forward to the end of the day me and my wife went to Albuquerque for my wife’s birthday and as I was about to pay for dinner I check my account I guess I just had a gut feeling, and what do you know it, my whole checking and savings wiped out. I called usaa immediately and a fraud case was open and changed everything. We were told that we’d receive a temporary credit until the case was resolved. Well apparently the scammers took out a atm cash advance and deposited a hot check and withdrew everything. The amount ended being way more than I had that I scammers withdrew and usaa gave me as a temporary credit. I didn’t touch the money because I knew it wasn’t mine, the next day they adjusted to the right amount. About three times within that next week I was texted that suspicious activity was happening and had to change all my security measures each time. About five days after everything happened my account was frozen and when called they let us unlock our accounts but said they’re going to take 5,000 out of our account. The next day sure enough , 6,000 in the negative. I called usaa and they said the fraud department denied my claim due to being part of a scam. Mind you, I didn’t give them any important information and even so the number was from USAA. The charges happened in Massachusetts and Florida while I’m over here stationed in Texas... I’ve been given the run around all week getting told from everyone I talk to that yes they see that it’s obvious fraud (they can see by the IP addresses used and the states it occurred in and the fact they called USAA the day before but weren’t able to get in the account) and don’t understand why it’s this difficult to get it overturned. I currently have my direct deposit going to USAA and because of the timing that USAA made my account go negative I wasn’t able to change my DD in time so my check is going to go to that negative account. USAA does not care that I have a family and bills to pay, they are doing nothing to help me. I sent a email to their debit fraud case email that I was told to send all the information to prove that I wasn’t in MA of FL and all I got in return was that they couldn’t overturn the case and will reach out to a department that could help me out. I’ve been waiting for a phone call or something but to no prevail. It’s sickening how a company credits themselves on helping military members or even normal people for that matter that can have something happen like this and then blame it on the person like it’s their fault! I’m disgusted and hope nobody ever has to go through this situation. If I were you I would get away from USAA as fast as possible because they truly don’t care about you!!! We are going to do everything in our power to seek legal action if this does not get resolved in our favor because this is just absurd!!!