USAA Customer Service from best in class to incompetence and Lies!

Movin again

Had USAA Bill Pay set up for my mortgage payment to Wells Fargo Bank. I stopped the Bill Pay in January. I paid my mortgage at the end of January through Wells Fargo ($2,270.00) using WFB one-time bill pay. Jan 31 USAA bill bay attempts to deduct $2,255.00, but insufficient funds, What? What happened? How did this happen? How did my USAA Bill Pay turn back on? I need to stop this!


I call USAA, explain to the lady what happened, she said she sees a debit for $2,270.96 to Wells Fargo, I tell her yes, that payment is ok. It's the $2,255.00 that needs to be stopped, just stop the payment for $2,255.00. This begins a diologue that I can't even explain other than to think she was purposely messing with me because NOBODY is that stupid and still has a job! For several iterations she kept making it so confusing "so, what you're saying is, stop the payments for 2270.96 and 2,255.00?" "NO!, forget the 2,270.96, OK?" Just forget that, put it out of your head, I just want the payment for 2,255.00 stopped so that it doesn't try to clear a second time!"  "So, what you're saying is..." "NO!" Just stop the 2,255.00 payment!"


At this point we are disconnected on a Friday, she had asked me if she could call my cell phone number back in the event we get disconnected to which I said she could but she never called back (this is a Friday afternoon). First thing Monday, the $2,255.00 clears!

I call back on Monday, and while USAA explains how everything is recorded for "quality" purposes, they can't seem to find this conversation. The person initiates a stop payment but says it will take 7-10 business days bur the person assures me that it won't take that long. I call back on the 11th, "I'm so sorry sir, yes, I do see it is going up for signature today" "Signature?, Are you kidding me? A week later and it is only now going for "Signature?"  Today is Business Day 10, still no money and a bunch of NSF fees. I am so done with USAA...


Moving again - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

You need to just leave USAA.