USAA Customer Service Decline

Over the years, I regarded USAA a decent bank until recently. It seems like there was some change in policies that makes it harder to get a resolution to a problem. One of these issues is the security of accounts. Yes, its necessary to have security but the process and way in which these measure have been implemented has fallen short. 

If a member loses their phone, they have no way for their information to be verified. I recently had several incidents where I was denied access to my money because I either forgot my phone at home or my phone's battery died. I called in and had my card, verified that with all other information asked of me and still was denied access to my money because I had to have my cell phone. When I brought up the concern about a member losing their phone due to an actual emergency, I was met with indifference.

Another incident occurred where I forgot the same phone at home and just wanted to call to have money transferred over for groceries. An alert was placed on my card to which I now have to wait three days for that alert to be removed in order to use the card.  Worse, I wasn't even told about it when  I spoke to the security person. That means I spoke to security person, then got off the phone when nothing else was communicated to me, drove to gas station and saw the card denied message. I drove back home and spent another 15 minutes to talk to a representative after having spent an hour on the phone previously. 

USAA-- people do lose their phones, forget it at home, and require communication when an alert is placed on the account.   You can have all the fancy security programs in the world but what is the point if the customer cannot get access to their money for basic things like fill the car with gas, go grocery shopping, pay bills? 


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Whenever you call USAA you will be told "this call may be recorded for quality assurance or training purposes." The reality is that all calls are recorded, perhaps for "quality assurance or training purposes," but also for legal (CYA) reasons. The fact that they routinely use the word "may" versus "will" is disturbing in itself: I asked a rep in the CEOs office and she tried to prevaricate by saying not all the calls are necessarily recorded because it's possible the recording technology might not be working, she then basically said they read from a script which includes the word "may." The point I'm trying to make is I suspect the very rigorous identity verification they require- which is more than other banks I currently use and at times almost impossible, as you point out- is less for security for the member and more for their legal protection if it came to some kind of legal or adversarial situation, i.e. they could "prove" it was the member and not someone else.

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