I have attempted to speak with 4 USAA representatives in the last month about my goodwill request and ask that they remove late payments that are reported to the credit bureau as a sign of goodwill. For the last month or so, the first couple of representatives struggled to find notes on what the status of the letter was and the last two only stated that it should be completed by 17 APR 20. However, it is now 20 APR 20 and when I called USAA today, the representative told me that she could not get in contact with that department and that she is not quite sure if it will be complete even within the next 5 days. Late payments significantly affect a persons credit score and in my almost 10 year relationship with USAA, I am asking that they remove the 3 late payment I had due to my autopay not working. I have now sent another letter on the USAA website asking to speak to someone at the corporate office as it is extremely difficult for me to get in touch with them as I am currently stationed overseas and with the credit bureaus still seeing those late payments, it will be difficult to purchase a house in the next year. Is anyone having a similar issue?


Hello @salf25, I am very sorry to hear of this situation. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for further review. -Colleen

When will I be getting a response on this matter?