This post is to inform everyon to be careful about using a USAA credit card. I had unexpected costs over a couple of months and went $20 over the limit. The same day I went over the limit (the day of the billing cycle closing) I paid more than the required monthyl payment. However, USAA still repotred this to the credit bureaus two days after the payment. I addressed this to their complaint department and a representative from their CEO office stated USAA cannot change a report submission (this is false because under the FTC Fair Credit and Reporting Act any agency can report adjustments to the bureaus) and offered me the option of text alerts which I already monitor on a daily or weekly basis. The credit card is not a dialy use, it is an emergency use card. So, if you want immediate adverase reports made on you, please use their card, because they will delay any positive or normal reporting.


I agree, PNC does the same thing. They both report as being over the limit (even just for one day), and most of the time it is the outrageous interest charges that puts the balance over the limit.