Has anyone checked into the new USAA Credit/ID monitoring program?  It is supposed to be introduced in the next week or so.  I have lifelock and USAA program appears to be less expensive.  Thoughts?


Every time I logon to check it out/enroll,  I get an error message telling me it should be available for me to access in ‘mid-February”. 

Hello @SomeMumblingBum, our goal is to ensure we are consistently delivering the highest quality products and services to our members. The updates will provide enhanced features and benefits that will provide a more robust membership experience.


The new enhanced Credit Check Monitoring products will be available at a date that is to be determined. -Colleen

Seems to be dragging on and on.  Similar thing happened with the Home Equity loans and then they just went away forever.

It is October and the enrolling in the credit/ID monitoring program still does not seem to work.  The link continues to give you an error message.  When will this be fixed?

Or is the program no longer available to everyone?

@Cici318, Thank you for checking back on this topic. USAA partnered with Experian to provide CreditCheck and CreditCheck ID & Monitor services to members. To turn the focus back onto core financial products, USAA will no longer offer these credit monitoring services. They will now be offered exclusively through Experian so members can benefit from their credit monitoring expertise. You are getting an error as we are no longer enroll members in that service. I will forward your feedback about the error to the appropriate team for tracking. ~ Suzy

Honestly the service is very basic. If you have an issue there is ZERO help with your credit report. They will only refer you to the credit reporting agency directly. You pay for basically no support. There are the same FREE services or if you are willing to pay for credit monitoring there are way better options. Hard pass on USAA

I do regret to hear that you feel this way @kcourto. I will be sure to share the feedback with the appropriate area. We always value feedback from members like yourself who are keen on offering us ways to better serve our members in the future. -Emily 

USAA continues to sink lower and lower.  As you stated, there are better options.

Lifelock is pricey. Best deal I've seen is through my Farm Bureau. But they can vary state to state.