Planned a trip to Spain, France and Italy July-August 2018. This was a very special trip, our grandson graduated from high school, our granddaughter is graduating next year. We combined graduation gifts for them, I planned this trip for six months.


I was using my USAA credit-debit card while traveling and also for my conversion of US dollars to Euros. I did my homework on how both of my cards would or should work.


My main concern was obtaining Euros, converting dollars here in the USA is a costly transaction. There are many conversions offices in Europe, they all charge some type of transaction fee.  After all my homework I decided to take the advice of many and use my USAA debit card at an ATM to obtain Euros.


I called USAA and was told I could use any ATM, my next questions was where would I find these ATM's? Should I use a bank or any ATM I might come across.  I was told to use any and not to worry there would be no bank fees attached, USAA does charge 1%, but the 1% is to pay for the ATM fees.

I asked if I could find the locations of ATM's at Barcelona airport, there is no information on this. The USAA Rep told me any ATM at the airport would be fine.

The terminal we debarked at had no ATM’s, I couldn’t believe that. We looked and asked, there was one Euro conversion company with a huge sign, “No commissions charged”! I headed that way and asked about the NO commission and was told there was NO commission charges. I then asked if there were any fees charged and was told, “We only charge 12%”!

Here is the good part, there are many ATM’s and the USAA Debit card worked fine in all of them. If you are traveling to Europe don’t worry about it. The best way to convert your dollars is through an ATM.

One problem, I had a $500 daily limit on funds I could withdraw from the ATM. I was not aware of this limits prior to the trip. One day I tried to withdraw 750 Euros, received message ATM not working transaction cancelled. Finally I called the USAA telephone number provided on the back of the card while calling from overseas. Within a few minutes the Rep solved the problem and we were on our way.


The credit card work everywhere, there are NO transaction fees charged when you use the USAA credit card. Some banks do charge a foreign transaction fee.


I had purchased tickets for a site in Rome, by mistake I purchased tickets for the same site but in Paris, France. I contacted the merchant and never heard back from them. I disputed this charge with USAA and within 7-10 days I received my funds back.

Very happy with the USAA credit-debit cards, also the Rep I spoke with solved my problem in minutes.





@onemoreshot, Thank you for sharing about your experiencing using your USAA ATM/Debit card abroad. Sounds like a fabulous trip, and I'm sure your grand-children will remember this forever, as one of many highlights in their life. 


I wanted to mention that our ATM/Debit cards have daily limits to protect your account from any unauthorized activity. However, you have access to increase the daily limit anytime, yourself from the Account Services options located at the bottom of your account page from our website, or when you select MENU option on the account page via the mobile app. This makes it convenient to do from anywhere, anytime! 

Congratulations to both of the Grand-kiddos on their accomplishments.

We value your membership and the opportunity to serve you, and your family for generations to come. Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Lori