USAA Credit Card Mess

It’s quite unsettling how messed up the current situation is with USAA credit cards. They double posted payments, then double posted debits, it’s just a mess. Then it takes over two hours to get through to a banking representative. USAA bank is not doing a good job here at all. This is basic banking and I have wasted several hours dealing with their mess.

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Happened to me back in 2016--so I finally decided I had had enough and decided to do something about it. Didn't care if I had their cards for 30+yrs. Even took me over an hour to close it. Was ridiculed by one of their agents for making a serious financial mistake, and hung up on me without informing me that the action had been completed. Bit my upper lip during the entire process. Even had to message them so I could get a written confirmation. That's the motivation this Lt Col needed to terminate my 30+ yrs of financial/investment dealings (with all my family members) with USAA. Made sure I obtained hardcopy documents as I was closing things down. Had always trusted them but no more. And especially now that they have a less than respectable record with government banking regulators. Could auto/homeowner insurance now be on the horizon? Good Luck and Best Wishes.


USAA CSR: No need to escalate

I see it’s happened to me over the last week.   Same payment; made on multiple days; reversed usually the day after.   Not good, USAA.   Yes, there are issues with USAA’s job performance.   Nothing new there!   Lot has to do with employing human beings.   But at least someone is catching these problems.   I use USAA bank and three credit unions. If anything, USAA is causing me less pain and consternation.   One federal credit union [at Fort Leonard Wood] “disappeared” a substantial amount by transferring it to my son’s account which he had closed….but they didn’t close.  Took weeks to “find” what happened..not to mention a heated argument over the phone and my threat to stomp a mud hole in the CEO [who then “found” the money].   Now, I’m fighting the same credit union for not closing a home equity line of credit from years ago because of a $.75 interest due [paid, but not zeroed out on their computer]; now they did apologize, but shouldn’t have happened.   Doesn’t resolve your problem; just commiserating.   Life gets nasty at times.  USAA did much the same in 2006 by not closing a heloc I paid off on our old house; found out on the way to the closing to sell it during the baaaddddd housing bubble.    That’s why we need to review finances every day and really delve into their status.   That’s called breakfast for me.   Good luck and best wishes.


We are saddened to read your post.  I will certainly escalate this to be reviewed by the appropriate area.  

@teda007, Thanks for taking the time to post regarding your recent credit card payment experience. If I were in your position, I would be upset too. I've forwarded your comments regarding this matter to the appropriate area. - Ben