My husband had a credit card prior to our marriage with USAA. After we were married he continued to have his card until we experienced financial hardship. The credit card was charged off and we filed a 1099C on our taxes. We have car insurance through USAA which we had prior to credit card. I was able to get checking and savings account although when I asked about rental insurance I was told that because of the credit card we could not get renters insurance. Our finances have changed and we offered to pay the balance on the charge off which they said we could not do because of charge off and 10099C. How can we get back to a good standing again? Can we ever?


Mitzi1 - Please call our collections team at 800-531-2265 between 8 AM - 5PM Monday through Thursday or Friday am until noon Central Time. Someone should be able to discuss options to getting back on track. - Jason

There is no law that prevents USAA from offering any of their products, it's an internal policy to refuse you service as a technique to force you to pay.