USAA Creates Quicken Monopoly

I was surprised and disappointed today to learn that USAA will now function only with money management software giant, Quicken. I found this out the hard way when my banking data failed to upload one day. I never saw this coming. Quicken is a notoriously bad program for Mac platforms, which is why many of us have been using great software alternatives like Moneydance. There are other great programs out there, but not anymore with USAA. Now there's only one. Who at USAA thought it was a good idea to simply "unplug" thousands of us who purposely choose to avoid Quicken and leave us stranded without access to our money management tools?

For me, this is an expensive problem that I now have to scramble to fix. It also leaves me open to tax reporting and other vulnerabilities that I should never have had to endure.

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I've had my money with USAA for 20 years or so. Not allowing me to get my data out the same way every other one of my financial institutions is a deal breaker for me. I'll be starting the process of moving my money to a friendlier bank over the coming weeks. This is unacceptable. Likely Chase.

We are truly sorry for the disappointment you've experienced trying to get data out of your USAA account especially as a member for the past 20 years. The last thing we would ever want is for you to remove your relationship from us. I will certainly forward your concern to the appropriate department for review!

I am a 30+ year USAA member. I always touted USAA's customer service. This calls all of that into question. Why would you purposely and actively annoy a large group of your members. Why would you not want to take some simple steps to make your customers happy and not leave USAA for a bank that does not purposely make their life more difficult. I hope the the USAA powers-that-be hear our concerns and make changes to bring support to financial software other than the Mac unfriendly Quicken such as the very Mac positive software Banktivity.


As someone mentioned above - it most be difficult to be a moderator of this discussion since the people above you refuse to give you any information.


Thank you forwarding all of these concerns - I hope they are not falling on deaf ears.



@asr101, I should mention that I am forwarding  your post as we have done with all the others on this thread! Enjoy the rest of your day! ~ Suzy

@asr101, We enjoy what we do here in the Member Community. We look forward to our interactions with members. Part of that is hearing what we need to work on and when you voice your concerns, we channel them to the right team. It is the right thing to do to get your voice heard. While we don't always change everything that is suggested, all is considered. What you are reading here may not be the final word on this topic, but know you did your part to let us know what tools you need. We thank you for that! Because that is what members do! We appreciate your 30+ years of membership. ~Suzy

I too am a Banktivity user and am extremely frustrated with the lack of support at USAA surrounding this issue. For a company that has stood by us for over twenty years and had consistently stellar customer service during that time period, the decision to essentially cut-off money management apps, without notice, is very un-USAA-like.

@mckil007, thank you for reaching out and providing your feedback. We are truly grateful for your longtime membership and regret to hear of your disappointment. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. I am sharing your concerns regarding this matter with the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn

Here is an update.


USAA has *not* restored .qfx downloads, nor provided answers to the numerous questions customers have asked in this chain.  Including mine.


However, USAA *has* improved the format of its .csv downloads to the point that they can be directly imported into Gnucash without the need for intervening code to clean up the format.  Did USAA *tell* anybody about this change?  Is it likely to be permanent, or will USAA just change it back to something inscrutable?  Inquiring minds, as always, would sure like to know!


Social service: DO NOT REPLY to this post and DO NOT refer anybody from the "CEO's office" to me.  They and you waste my time, ask for the same information over and over, and never actually address my issues.  If an actual USAA IT person has the courage to reply, I'd be interested in what he or she has to say.

Can anybody up there read?  What part of "DO NOT refer anybody from the CEO's office to me" doesn't USAA understand?   I posted that message a couple of days ago.  Sure enough, today my phone rings.  USAA.  After I didn't answer the call I got a followup e-mail indicating the same "need more information" and "case closed."  


USAA can respond to me publicly in *this forum* or privately by personal e-mail.  No more useless phone calls. 



My current workaround in Banktivity:

Click "I want to..."


Take the .csv file and import it into Banktivity. Set each column as you'd like to it be recognized. It works, but direct downloads would be so much better.

I can't download my banking information into Banktivity, a problem I don't have with my accounts at other banks. I understand Yodlee has been trying to work with you on the issue, but there's no change in over a year. I've been doing it manually, which doesn't work well at all...duplicate entries...entries without totals.


What's happened at USAA? I have touted your company for years as the best customer service...indeed the best service overall...but that has severely declined. I get it. Pandemic changed a lot of things for a lot of us. But the inability to talk to a human being without jumping through hoops, the lack of business bank accounts, the decline in functionality, the seeming lack of commitment to the needs of a significant portion of your clientele...all of this—and I can't believe I'm saying it—has got me rethinking my commitment to you.



@Slappytown, thank you for sharing your concerns. I'm to hear of the issue you encountered when downloading your banking information and cannot imagine how frustrating it must be to wait for this matter to be resolved. I have escalated your concerns to the appropriate department for further review. Thank you for reaching out - Tricia

I have a Chase Checking and Savings account. I don't want to, but if USAA does not allow seamless downloading of account info into my preferred app (Banktivity), I will migrate and stop using my USAA credit cards.


There is a way to download USAA account info into Banktivity, the preferred Financial Application for Mac users (after Quicken abandoned the Mac platform a few years back). It is through their Legacy  menu. It's not what is preferred, but it will work (for now). So I won't be migrating to Chase yet.

Hello and thank you for reaching out to share your concern with us. We have forwarded your concern to the appropriate department for further review and research. We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing while trying to load your account info to Banktivity and certainly hope you will consider keeping your accounts here with us in spite of your concern with us!

I would like to sound in also about the unnecessary obstacles being put in place by USAA. I would prefer to coordinate my different bank accounts through a separate app. Every app I've tried (Mint, Quicken, Banktivity) I have issues downloading my account information from USAA. And every time I try Googling a solution, I find out how many other people have a similar issue. 


Please, USAA, catch up to the reality of the app ecosystems many of us use.

@Kent Shaw, Thanks for taking the time to post. I've forwarded your feedback to the appropriate area. - Ben

I adopted USAA as my primary banking solution almost 30 years ago because it was ahead of the curve on services.  That remained so through the early days of technology development.  However, this latest inability to support accounting software other than Quicken is depressing.  While I cannot see myself ever pulling the plug entirely, this is certainly an incentive to continue limiting my reliance on USAA for financial needs in favor of others who support the integration of technology into financial management.


If USAA is listening, please provide an update on when this terrible oversight in supporting members will be corrected.

I'm also frustrated by USAA's lack of support for financial applications other than Quicken.  I use Banktivity, and while I would personally prefer that OFX support was maintained, I could have lived with Yodlee. I used to put all of my family's credit card charges on my USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Visa.  2-3 years ago when USAA stopped supporting OFX and did not add support for Yodlee, I simply switched to cards from other banks.  It is disappointing, but support for financial software is a requirement for me, and so dropping USAA credit cards was the only solution. 


I will say I still use USAA for numerous types of insurance, and am happy with that.  I just can't rely on USAA for credit cards.

Add me to the list of 30+ year customers who are extremely upset about this issue. USAA you need to fix this or you will never grab the younger crowd you need to survive as a company. If no online options, no younger than gen x clients. Please stop saying you are forwarding our messages to someone and let us know what you are doing to fix the issue and when we will see it corrected.