USAA Creates Quicken Monopoly

I was surprised and disappointed today to learn that USAA will now function only with money management software giant, Quicken. I found this out the hard way when my banking data failed to upload one day. I never saw this coming. Quicken is a notoriously bad program for Mac platforms, which is why many of us have been using great software alternatives like Moneydance. There are other great programs out there, but not anymore with USAA. Now there's only one. Who at USAA thought it was a good idea to simply "unplug" thousands of us who purposely choose to avoid Quicken and leave us stranded without access to our money management tools?

For me, this is an expensive problem that I now have to scramble to fix. It also leaves me open to tax reporting and other vulnerabilities that I should never have had to endure.

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@46-Years - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

Well it April 10th 2022 and again I'm not able to download transaction via Banktivity/Yodee.

In 2018 Usaa said they agreed to giving USAA customer greater control of there finances while using 3 rd partry data agrigator.  And yet, I'm left hanging out in the wind.

Come on USAA!  You lead the ditigial online transformation as a bank without any brick and motor stores. Now you are lagging behind the industry forcing me to think what it will be like with another bank.

I would like to add my voice to this chorus expressing disappointment at USAA's failure to accommodate financial software that Mac users tend to choose. I have been a member for more than 20 years using insurance and banking services, and I have always appreciated the level of customer service provided. So, for me and for many of us this apparent attitude towards this need comes as a shock. I can only hope that it is temporary and that a more collaborative approach returns.


Phantastes - thanks for the feedback. We are always looking for new and better ways to serve our membership, Your comments will us improve. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason

Same boat here.  Longtime USAA customer, and longtime Banktivity user.  USAA's unwillingness to work with Banktivity is really disappointing and disturbing (and, per the Banktivity developer, it does seem to be an unwillingness on USAA's part).  My accounts at other institutions work seamlessly with Banktivity, and they are simply using Yodlee integration (which, as I understand, is one of the big players in this area).  I would hate to have to switch away from USAA, but the amount of time/energy I now have to spend doing everything manually is a serious issue, especially when other banks I work with have seamless integrations.  

Would also be nice if someone with some decision-making authority posted a response/justification for this situation.  I feel for the forum moderators who are in the unenviable position of FW-ing on feedback from frustrated users, who only get more frustrated by the lack of response/action.

@Fishbulb, I regret to hear of the disappointment and frustration this has caused you. We value your feedback and I have also sent this information to the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn

USAA's refusal to work with other money mangement software providers is one more indication of a company in decline. As a member for over 40 years, it is sad to see what once was a shinning star of a well run, personalized company change into just another business. The services and products USAA offers is on par with any other big banks, nothing special. From the patronizing replies to the 20 plus pages of complaints on this topic to the annoying  automated call reply system we have to navigate every time we call to get someone on the phone I would share that I am beyond disappointed. My fear is that there isn't a will to make a shift back to a customer focus as long as Peacock and his crew of executives pulled in $24.5 million last year - nothing wrong with that, is there Wayne? Life is good - why should they bother heeding these complaints? You want to share details of the sweetheart deal you got going with Quicken?

I am in the same uncomfortable situation. I use Banktivity, will never use Quicken and am so disappointed in this that I will be moving my accounts to another bank. It's been a good ride until now.

@Hoot49, I understand that you have concerns about USAA's inability to support Banktivity. We value your membership and would hate to think this matter would be a factor in your continued relationship with USAA. I have located your USAA profile, and I'm sharing your concerns with the appropriate folks at USAA. ~DC

I have the same issue. I have been using Banktivity for years (switched from Quicken when we switched to macs). I have 9 accounts, a loan and all of our insurance with USAA and love the customer service overall. 


Not being able to updated my accounts in Banktivity SO frustrating!  All the other credit cards and investment accounts updated perfectly. 


PLEASE make USAA and Banktivity work together again 🙏

@krehring, Thank you for reaching out about using Banktivity. I have forwarded your feedback. Cannot guarantee any changes, however this is how we can try to drive change based on our members experience. I am also forwarding your concerns to be reviewed by a bank specialist. Thanks again and take care.  ~Tom

As a heads-up for Banktivity users following this thread, Navy Federal Credit Union's support for Banktivity (via Yodlee, now) is fine — and NFCU membership is likely available to many of the same people eligible for USAA. We're in the process of shifting more of our banking business over there, and haven't had many problems so far. (NFCU branch locations seem more numerous where we live, too.) 


More info at

@mgrad92, Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear you are moving your accounts. We would hate to lose you! I have your information and I am engaging the appropriate area now to review your concerns. ~Tom

I'm another long-time USAA Member and Banktivity user. I switched away from Quicken years ago when they stopped supporting Macs. I've been using Banktivity for a couple years now. It's been challenging lately to get my downloads without going through a long verification process. Tonight, I saw that I could upgrade from a "legacy" connection and use Yodlee. I was able to go through all the steps to get Direct Access set up with USAA via Yodlee, but now none of my 8 accounts with USAA will update. A quick internet search reveals "USAA is continuing to block several personal finance applications (not solely Banktivity) from refreshing their accounts." What is this about? Surely USAA wouldn't do that. Why would you only allow Quicken users to get direct access, but not users of other (better) banking software? 


I can see that there are dozens of complaints and very little, if any, action taken. This is sorely disappointing for a bank that I have trusted for years. Please allow us to continue downloading transactions into whatever banking software we choose. Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to provide your thoughts and feedback on the download options, @TrudyJJ. I have provided your feedback to the team in our technical department that handles this process. You might also want to reach out directly to the technical team to see if there's any other options available that would assist you in completing the downloads to your preferred software. You can reach them directly at 1-877-632-3003, any time between 6 a.m. and Midnight CT, 7 days a week. - Cathleen

Wow, I just got through reading through much of this thread and am pleased (but also sad) to see I'm not the only unhappy camper here. I've been with USAA for 43 years and with Banktivity since Quicken essentially dropped Mac support in 2007. Like lots of people here, Banktivity sync worked great for many years, and now I've been waiting better than a year for it to get fixed. It's starting to look like that might not ever happen. With my investment in time and the data I have in Banktivity, the ultimate choice is simple. Sorry USAA, we've had a great relationship for my entire adult life, but Bantivity wins. Please reevaluate your position and support open banking instead of just Quicken, or I'll have no choice but to leave you behind. There are plenty of other banks and credit unions around, but for me, only one financial management program.

I'm in exactly the same position as many other members here...long time member of USAA who is now contemplating finding another bank due to the incredibly poor USAA support for Banktivity for Mac.  Bottom line is that I moved from PC/Windows to Mac many years ago and will not go back.  I also moved from Quicken to Banktivity and do not plan to go back.  These issues along with the recent news reports that USAA has been fined millions of dollars for willfully failing to put anti-money laundering protections in place lead me to believe that USAA has lost its way and is no longer the trusted, reliable partner we knew for decades.  I was disappointed when USAA shed its investment services because I had all my financial support with one institution that I trusted (USAA).  If poor support is now the standard, maybe it is time to find another institution for banking, insurance, and investments. Let's go USAA, please right the ship before it is too late.

I'm sorry for any difficulties we're causing you do to our our lack of alignment with the accounting / book keeping service you use. I will be sure to engage the appropriate department to review your concern for future consideration and enhancements for our online services. Thank you!

Can you help me understand where I can go to get some traction in resolving this issue?  After 15 months of "I will forward this forum posts to the appropriate department for review," we still haven't gotten anywhere.  This forum is a black hole for responses.  It is the end of the line, and the complaints that we post here are not being heard.  What is the next step for us as customers to make our voice heard?  Where can we get a real answer?  


USAA:  Please add me to the list of unhappy customers.  I am a second generation USAA member and have been with USAA since 1989.  My parents have been with USAA for even longer.  When I transitioned to a Mac, I quickly found out that Intuit/Quicken software was horrible.  In time, I switched to Banktivity and have been very happy with their software and customer service. 


You need to provide an agnostic connection ability so that any software that follows banking industry security standards can access accounts to download transactions.  USAA is very quickly losing my support and respect.  It started when you quit handling investments, accelerated with the reducion in the credit card rewards, and is now approaching warp speed with the lack of download ability for non-Intuit software.  As a bank, you need to listen to your customers as there are lots of options out there.  Do I want to go through the hassle of switching, no.  Will I do it if service doesn't improve, YES!


C'mon USAA, listen to your customers.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us today @2ndGenMember, I was able to locate your member profile and will engage the appropriate area for review. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate your time today. -Emily