USAA Complacency in Zelle Transfer Errors -- Son's Tuition Lost

Beware of using Zelle Transfers through USAA.  My son recently attempted to Zelle a portion of his tuition money from a USAA checking account to my USAA checking account.  We verified that he properly selected my current phone number and profile to conduct the transfer.  The money was withdrawn from his account but never appeared in my account.  We spent over 3 weeks trying to work with USAA to find out where Zelle had sent the money.  After filing a dispute, USAA concluded that no errors had been made.  Despite asking multiple times, USAA never could verify where the money went.    This remains unresolved today after weeks and weeks of trying.  I've been a USAA member since 1998. Their customer service today is worse than ever.  They have abandoned their messaging system for chat and phone options only.  Worst version of USAA seen-to-date.

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I had the same issue with their dispute team -- they refused after several lengthy exchanges to see that the merchant was clearly at fault. I believe USAA has contracted with some overseas underwriter for account disputes, and either they aren't very smart or they're relying on the complete firewall between customers and the bank to deny every claim that comes their way.


That's why I'm going to let my feet do the talking and take my business somewhere else. If I can't trust USAA with my money, I'm not going to keep it there.


Good luck to you.

I regret to hear this was not resolved to your satisfaction @JayOx, I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate your time today. -Emily 

@HawgDad - Have your son try filing a complaint with the BBB - perhaps that will increase the chances of getting a response from USAA of where the money actually went to.  

Leave USAA and join a credit union.  Just yesterday I was able to transfer money between my account and my daughter's account, in the same credit union, online and the money appeared in the account instantly.  It took all of about 2 minutes.  No need to use a third party.

I know this is a too little, too late ... and obviously will not remedy your current situation, but not sure why the Zelle route was taken.  For future transfers, why don't you both just add each other's checking accounts as deposit only accounts.  I have my daughter's USAA checking account added to my account as a deposit only account.  On birthdays, holidays or other occasions when I want to send her cash, I just transfer the money from my checking account to her's.  Never had a problem and pretty much happens right away (on the date selected to effect the transfer).  Just food for thought.  Do hope the funds are found.

@HawgDad, Sorry to hear about this experience you had with transferring through Zelle. I have your info here and I am going to engage the appropriate are to review this. We appreciate you and your many years with us, not ever how we want you to feel. ~Tom