I have been using USAA for nine years and must say I am mostly satisfied overall, but I would like to point out an anomaly. I ordered checks a few months back and just got around to using them. Fortunately, one of them was to my dad and he quickly pointed out that the check was returned for insufficient funds (it was a 200 dollar check and there are thousands in my checking). After investing some time in to the problem I figured out that the checks that were sent to me were for my savings which has no substantial money in it (not really a point with the rates offered on savings). Mistakes happen and I understand that, but what really upset me was when I called in to USAA to get things squared away. While normally USAA provides outstanding customer service, the CSR that took my call was very short bordering on rude and clearly didn't have the answers I was looking for. I asked to speak with a supervisor and after a fairly extensive wait (which of course they apologized for), was finally connnected to one. Then the supervisor started on a path of blaming me for the issue because I do not track my checks in a register and couldn't tell her which checks I had out. I don't write that many checks and use online banking to track my checks (lesson learned I suppose). After I finally lost my cool and let her know how I felt, the supervisor calmed down and we were able to resolve most of the issues. The bounce checked fees USAA imposes were refunded, but I am stuck with the fees charged by the other banks. Overall a dissapointing day. I guess one day in nine years is good, but it is just that, dissapointing.  


Thank you for the feedback you have provided in your post KC711. Please accept my apology for the unsatisfactory service you received in your recent dealings with USAA. Being sensitive and responsive to our members, as well as conducting business in a professional manner is always our goal, and I regret this is not what you encountered. Be assured this situation will be addressed with the appropriate parties and will be used as a coaching opportunity. I thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Member feedback is very important at USAA, and we hope future business contacts will restore your confidence in us. ~Michelle