please be extremely carefull who you give your credit card to, especially with the chip reader.  In February 2020 I gave my USAA visa card to our local Office Depot store so they could process a credit for services that were not provided by their store.  Of course they issued it as a charge instead of a credit.  They are idiots!!   I have gone back and forth since that date with USAA credit card services, Office Depot credit dept and the local store.  USAA credit card services said they would look into the matter but they will always side with the merchant (who is VERY dishonest DO NOT GO TO OFFICE DEPOT ONLINE OR STORES).  Do not give your credit card to any business unless you trust them 100 % because USAA credit card will NOT back you up, even though they say they will.  


Hello @31 year member USMC and thank you for your membership. We are sorry to hear of these issues you are experiencing when using your card at your local Office Depot. We will have your concerns submitted in regards to this. ~Sarah