USAA CEO Office 10 Stars... They took care of my bad experience with Banking and Auto Insurance Hail Claim!

I have been a USSA Member for 33 years and have always had exceptional service and responses from all USAA Services, but recently I had a bad experience with a Hail Damage claim and an Auto loan/Refinance issue. I posted a comment of dissatisfaction and the CEO Office contacted me and looked into my issues and worked to rectify the problem and did with professionalism and courtesy as I have always received from USAA! I’m very satisfied and relived and give USAA 10 Stars!
I was in a bad motorcycle accident at 19 years old and USAA took care of my medical bills and had a bad car accident in 1999 and USAA paid $500,000.00 in medical bills and took care of me like a parent would. I’m glad to see in 2019 USAA has the same awesome service.
Thank you for your help USAA CEO office!!!
Hans W. Rudolph III


@Hans III, we're glad to hear that our CEO's office help resolve your matter.  Thanks again for your membership.  ~ Robert.