Has anyone had a positive experience with USAA's built in budget tool?
The applet will not work for me at all (will not save any changes). I called tech support over a week ago and have heard zilch.
It seems to have potential, but this is ridiculous. In the meantime I get getting emails trying to sell me on their inestment and retirement planning services. Really? you can't even get a budget app to work! I mean members have only been complaining about it for years!!!! Maybe I should go with Mint, then maybe I will transfer my insurance, then my banking as USAA doesn't seem to value members who have been with them a long time.




@CavAv8tr, It is understandable that this is a cause of frustration. I will be forwarding your comments to the appropriate area for review. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention. ~ Suzy


I did receive your message on my phone, but I can't take my phone into to work with me.

On an update note. I keep calling into Technical Support and they keep "updating" my trouble tickets and "bumping up the priority". Seems to be all that happens however. I fyou have access to my USAA profile please call me @ my work number until 1600 Eastern to discuss.

I called again today and gentleman was very nice. Thanked me for "trusting" USAA; to which I replied "that trust is fading".

I use it but wish it was a separate app. It sucks as is. Mint is great app but have uninstalled the app. USAA sign in has Mint messed up so I can get signed in through it. Wish USAA had a better app.
On a good note, I'm glad the have the credit monitoring that's easy to access m
Might I recommend the two checking account method of budgeting, one for your fixed expenses and the other for everything else. It’s easy to use and that way your needs are taken care of and you know when you spend out of the second, it isn’t messing that up. You could also add a third to do the 50/30/20 budget in whatever variation makes sense. This takes away your need to budget to the last penny and still be sure you have money for your bills and have some savings. Your split could be 60/30/10, 30/50/20, point is by splitting up in different buckets, you don’t have to keep track as closely as when you do like a zero based budget. I say all this to give you ideas and to say that the USAA budget app sucks lol.


That is what I am trying to do.
but I also want to track my spending...That is where the budget app and spending categorizations fail; they don't even match-up.

@CavAv8tr, Thank you for the feedback! I am submitting it now about the categories in the budget tool and also forwarding your post to a Bank specialist to review. ~Tom