I have had the same ongoing problems with USAA's reasponse to fixing the Quicken problem they created. 


They handled the Brokerage transition very, very poorly.


Getting a timely update or learning about the ongoing Quicken problem is difficult.  USAA is NOT keeping members informed and escalating frustration.


Who is accountable?  Are they still employed?


I bet there is no USAA response to that!


Dear JBisME:  We appreciate your question here in the Community. We would like to put you in touch with an investment specialist who can take a closer look at this situation and offer you assistance.


If you would, please message us here: http://bit.ly/U7b7Jj.


We hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you for your time.

You want me to talk to your Investment Specialist????  Are you crazy????


I have been doing that for months and have even assured my issues have the attention of of your CEO.   You should well know USAA totally screwed up the brokerage conversion. 


I STILL await a promised message from USAA telling me the Quicken problem you corrected is fixed.



JBisME: My goal is to help you get your issues resolved. By Investment Specialist, this could be any level of Management that I can assist you in connecting with.


The link I previously sent to you will help move this process toward communication and resolution. You've obviously had some discussions thus far, but just trying to make sure that the appropriate channels are aware of your situation and that each issue is addressed t personally to you.


If you do not hear back from the message sent via the link, please let me know that too.


Thank You and I hope to help you get the answers you need.

I agree 100% with your statement "They handled the Brokerage transition very, very poorly."

I am still trying to resolve issues regarding dividend payments and being able to transfer the dividends out to my checking account. Before the transition I was able to transfer out the funds on the day the dividend posted but now it's at least one business day later before my money is available -- despite the fact that it shows as cash available on the day it posts. It lets me set up the transfer but then the system reverses it and I have to go in and try it again. USAA still doesn't have an answer other than to apologize.

The transfer issue is still not resolved. My dividends usually post on the 10th of each month but I cannot transfer the funds until the 11th (next business day after dividends post). Prior to the changeover I was able to transfer the dividend on the same day that the dividend posted to my brokerage account. I should be receiving interest on these funds since I cannot touch them until the next business day, not giving NFS a free float on this money. You may think it's a miniscule amount until you add up all the dividends that are held for one day and this adds up to a good sum of money for NFS. This is not right and should be corrected so we have instant access to OUR funds!

Thank you for your comment idnod. I have escalated your comment and will update this thread when I get more information to address your transfer issue. Thank you

Sometimes I think we are talking to a computer with the same automatic responses.