The new/improved USAA bill pay system is a total aggravation and USAA doesn't seem to care about doing anything about it. 

For the last 3 billing cycles, when I schedule/d a USAA auto and property bill payment, the pending payment does not show up anymore on the main tab while the pending payment will show up on the activity tab. I even had a representative tell me that that's the way the new system works (you have to go to activity tab to see if you have a pending payment). For November I scheduled a payment not realizing I already had one scheduled so I had to delete one of the two payments. 

In addition, USAA Bill Pay doesn't seem to recognize you have a pending payment. I get email notifications that my insurance bill is do soon. Today, I received an email reminding me of the Bill payment due on Dec 26 for a payment I have had scheduled for at least two weeks. Last month my USAA insurance bill showed up in the red literally on the bill pay app for days when it had been paid thru bill pay. 

I have talked on the phone with USAA reps 3 different times as late as today and nothing is being done. I got hung up on today while talking cordially to a representative on this issue and never received a call back. 

This is how a 47 year USAA member has his concerns addressed. 

Pathetic USAA.



Thank you @Jim for your 47 plus years allowing us to serve your insurance years.  I am saddened to read that you haven't had a great experience with the new billing changes and will share with the appropriate teams.  Your feedback is truly appreciated and used to better USAA products and services.  As for your last interaction with our team, that is not the service we want our members to have when trusting USAA with their insurance needs. We truly appreciate your time a patience as your situation is furthered reviewed.  ~Marco