USAA Banking On-Line not the same quality as visiting your local bank

I have had a USAA Bank Account since 2015. 


In February 2020 USAA sent me a request (by post office mail) to update my Account with additional information (I filled out the form showing no informational changes since 2015).


Again on March 2021, USAA sent me (thru the post office mail) a 12 page Form to fill out on , (requesting additional information on my USAA Bank Account). My original information provided to USAA has not changed  in my Account since 2015! 


I called USAA and asked for help with some of the questions being asked on this 12 page Form,  I was informed they cannot answer any questions (about their own form) and I should contact my accountant or attorney for help.


I am sure if I had this account with my local Bank, they would have helped me fill out my form and not sent me packing to my accountant!


Also, In todays age, why can't I have received this form on-line?  Why can't I just say no changes have accured, why fill out 12 pages of information all over again? 


USAA should have sent these Forms to me via my "USAA Document Page" on usaa, and they should help me with questions I have on filling out the Form correctly!


I feel like I am just another account number with usaa, not a part of the USAA family.


@Boulder City, Sorry to hear of this experience with that form! This is not ever the experience we want you to have, and we do want you to feel like family. I have your info here to locate you in our system and I am forwarding your concerns now to a Bank specialist. Thank you and again sorry this happened. ~Tom