USAA Automatic Bill Pay is the worst - Utterly Disgusted

I originally used the automatic bill pay in attempt to automate my finances and get them back on track. There was one incident where I was charged a NSF fee for not having enough funds to covers 2 bills ($58). Ok I get that and took the bullet.  However, bill pay allows whoever you submitted the funds to either re-present the e-check AGAIN or will go ahead and pay the bill and try to pull the funds again. This means that if you don't have the funds in 1-2 business days you will be charged ANOTHER $29 per transaction. THIS IS A RIDICULOUS HASSLE, not a convenient feature. So now it’s up to $106 of NSF. At most banking institutions, if a check is no good it’s no good. The company you're trying to pay just charges you a NSF fee on your account with them. In addition, why would you go ahead and pay a large bill on my behalf fully aware that the funds are not in my account without even confirming with me if that is what I needed/desired? Furthermore, how would it make sense that USAA would expect you to have the funds placed in there to cover it in 1-2 business days if it wasn’t there in the first place?! Even if I had it magically and transferred it from a different bank, it would have taken 3-5 business days for most institutions! That being said I called USAA and they were initially helpful and reversed the 2nd set of NSF, and I immediately took those two bills from auto pay to avoid that issue again. Fast forward.  I manually paid two bills (different from last time), and from my last experience I wanted to avoid auto bill pay in order to control my finances better. Somehow, I missed that those bills I manually paid still had auto bill pays scheduled. By the way, USAA sends me all kinds of notifications to my email and somehow doesn’t have a feature to remind you that you have a payment scheduled with bill pay? That makes no sense. I ended up sending a second payment for those same bills that I already manually paid. I just so happened to check my account that I realized that payments had been sent off and the status said completed. So I immediately called the same day and explained the situation to the representative. His response was there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Even one the bills being the USAA credit card, he was unable to do anything until everything processed. Nothing was done. Ok I understood as I used to work at a financial institution and dealt with similar electronic ACH processing. So after I was of course charged ($58) for those two transactions, I called explained the situation to another representative as well as the double NSF fiasco from my previous experience. I was told AGAIN there’s nothing they could to stop the 2nd set of NSF I knew was coming my way, and since I had used up my 3 NSF reversal limit per year I wouldn’t be getting my funds back this time. I even called the two companies to ask them to not present those e-checks because I paid already, and their response is that because it’s an e-check it goes directly to their institution. Of course it does, and yes I was charged another $58 in NSF for bills I had PAID already! I blame this on two things wrong with the Auto Bill Pay Feature. A) You don’t get email of scheduled payments and there’s no notification window of when you have scheduled bills coming up on the inbox alerts & action box of the web version. Yes, there is a Pay Bills and Transfer Funds tile but that’s not practical especially for mobile users like myself, and you have to add that tile yourself.  B) They are called non-sufficient funds for a reason. Having that clause that allows other institutions to charges us a 2nd time for the same e-check is taking money out of peoples’ accounts and hurting our finances. That should be a third-party issue in which the third-party charges or notified us that the payment didn’t go through. Why would you pay a bill and not even confirm if that’s what I needed?! There was zero time to intervene on my side!!! Think about it. From a simple human error, you all have profited $106 from two bills I initially ALREADY paid, one of them being your own USAA credit card. And the only answer that I got from TWO of your representatives was that there was nothing you could do to help. Do you even understand or care? I’ve been with you all for five years because of the good service, but this is repulsive that you treat people who are trying to get their finances on the straight path like this.


@Guy Name Bob, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling this way based on your recent experiences. This is not how I want our members to feel. I have shared your situation with a colleague who will review. Once done, they will reach out to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience as we review what has happened. - Janay

Follow Up to My USAA Experience - I got a call from Gus, a represenative from the USAA CEO's Office. And here's what Gus had to say:

  • The transactions that occured are soley the responsibility of the account holder. 
  • USAA cannot help me, and that the represenatives are strictly forbidden from granting any more than 3 NSF refunds for any account in a 12 month period unless its a true bank error. No exceptions
    • Apparently, they are audited on how many people they help and how many NSF refunds they grant.  
  • Bill Pay does not automatically send pending payment notifications. And he suggested (and I quote), "that I start using a checkbook ledger like they use to use in the old days"
  • He was 99% sure they wouldn't have been able to do anything to stop any of the double NSF anyway unless I had called them 3 days before the payments were sent.
  • Lastly, there was nothing he could do to help me or find a solution. This fiasco is my fault and I must accept the consequences of already not being fiscally saavy.

Gus...what was the point of you calling? It the same speil EVERY bank gives, and it wasn't helpful at all. I would have rather you not waste my time with a 30min call/discussion of you telling me its my fault and you can't help. That's been the trend this whole time! My advice to all members - Don't use Bill Pay. It's useless and inconvenient. USAA uses a third-party named Fiserv to process their bill processing and can not contact them to help with situations like this. Literally, just Google "USAA bill pay issues" to see how many other members have had similar bad experiences with this product. But its all good. No sweat...just move on

@Guy Named Bob, Thank you for sharing your experience with bill pay and the conversation that you had with the Office of our CEO. I'll share your feedback with Gus and his team. ~DC

Not happy with USAA automatic auto bill pay can not be reversed if it is within 4 days. Im my opinion USAA should have a way to reverse this. After trying to voice this with auto revenue department "customer service" asked for a manager 4 times and kept giving me the run around. After 4 times asking for a manager stop talking and get a manager or people will get mad. Then got to the "executive rep" Becky who was no help and argumentative and said to late for a manager to be in the building (so everyone is just doing their own thing) and refused to give me the managers name person I spoke to before. Want Sherri the manager call me and need these autopayments about to hit reversed. If I dont hear from a manager I will just take all of my business elsewhere just like I did with my stock account.

Thank you for reaching out to us today @Jason7777, I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will contact you. Please know they are currently out of office and will return tomorrow morning. I also will share your feedback with the appropriate area. We do value feedback from members like yourself who are keen on offering us ways to better serve our members. Thank you. -Emily

You all need to stop giving generic answers and start caring about thee people who served like the company use to in the past. If a department is open they should have a manager to speak with.
In fairness, I have used bill pay since it began and have never had an issue. I would caution new members not to use autopay unless you have a large enough balance that you are not dependent on the next deposit or the timing of the bill payment. And it is always good to have another account - savings etc - to back up checking.

I have similar issue right now. A check was returned even though there was sufficient funds in my account.  It still shows sufficent funds for that check and two other transactions after that. 

I did mess up the date for my USAA credit card payment. So that was overdrafted and then then ran it through again with in 24 hours for a second charge. Obviously can't add the funds that quickly. Also my direct deposit is on hold somewhere in USAA holding tank.  It was transferred last Friday and still waiting for USAA to credit my account. 

I'm so frustrated, just back on my feet. 


Oh no @HeatherV, this is not the experience we want our members to have. I'd like to review this with you. Can you share more details via PM so that we can review? Thank you. -Emily