USAA Asset Management Co now Victory Capital franchise

@CW5301, your words are powerful and create a concern. We would like the opportunity to look into your situation and get answers to any unresolved questions you may still have. I will be engaging a subject matter expert. Thank you. ~ Suzy

Good bye USAA, hello Navy Federal

You need to blame Stuart Parker for USAA's decline.

And Parker, a guy with 10 whole years of military service, has been succeeded by a guy much military service DID they say Peacock has?


Oh, yeah!




“Serving the military is my passion, and it’s an honor to follow a legacy of great leaders, like Stuart, at USAA,” Peacock said in a news release.  


Who is General Robert F McDermott anyway when compared with such a leader as Stuart Parker?  Just some other deceased guy who happens to have an elementary school, a 15 mile section of I-10, and a University Science Building named for him?  Other than THAT who ever heard of that McDermott guy?