USAA Ap restrictions to OCONUS customers

I thought this was a glitch, but after just speaking with customer service call back (almost a month after raising a concern) USAA confirmed, it is a policy change.


If you are OCONUS, you no longer will be able to use the USAA ap to temporarily increase your daily ATM withdrawal limit. It worked fine for more than 15 months I can attest to.


Anyone residing outside the US, understands with exchange rates, ATM limit amount etc, it is not about convenience, it is about staying up at midnight (due to time zone difference) and waiting 1 hour to have an ATM daily limit increased. 


The reason given is that the "Verify" system will only verify with an SMS message to a stateside phone.


USAA is fully aware of their decision to change this and take this functionality away from its OCONUS customers.


I would like to ad, that USAA also now charges 1% on foreign ATM transaction fee, and added a 1% foreign purchase fee to all USAA credit card purchases outside the US (on the foreign market). I don't have to worry about the credit card fee as the only business that accepts my USAA Visa is the airline and they are grounded due to the virus. 

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@OCONUSRetirement, thank you for reaching out. As multi-factor authentication is required to process a temporary limit increase we are unable to send a secured text code to an international number. We understand the ability to increase your limits when needed is important and offer 24/7 chat assistance to assist with these types of request. I apologize for any inconveniences this has cause you. 


USAA does charge a 1% foreign transaction fee when using a debit card outside of the United States. Visa imposes a foreign transaction fee to USAA Federal Savings Bank (FSB) when a card is used outside the United States. As a result, USAA charges the 1% fee, which includes all amounts charged by Visa, on foreign transactions. The 1% foreign transaction fee does not apply to the USAA credit card as USAA does not charge 1% for purchases made with a USAA credit card. 


Your feedback is very important to USAA and I will be sure to submit the concerns on your behalf. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you. - Robyn