USAA American Express Credit Card - Not Contactless/ no tap????

Good Evening,


Received my new American Express credit card in the mail today. It is customized to the design I requested on the card. However, it is not contactless (no Tap feature). Called a couple of times to ask about the tap/contactless feature and I was told twice by 2 different USAA Reps. that it is contactless/tap just like the Debit cards. 


Not to be extremely blunt here (even though I am going to be lol), looks like I was given completely incorrect/inaccurate information.....Just saying.


-Aasim A.

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@awe47, we began offering contactless American Express cards today (November 8, 2022). I'm sorry for the misinformation that was previously provided. If you'd like to receive a replacement American Express card with the tap to pay feature, you can order one by following these steps on the USAA website:


  1. Select your credit card account.
  2. Under the menu, select Report a Credit Card Lost/Stolen/Damaged.
  3. Follow the prompts provided.

I hope this helps! ~DC