USAA AP does not allow Oconus users to temporary increase ATM withdrawal limit, the function worked for more than a year, is this a permanent change?

Something else has changed, even just this mid month. I went to temp increase my ATM limit, i reside outside the US. before it was as easy as using the ap to do that function. Now the ap wants to verify only via SMS message to your phone, which USAA does not send SMS via international phones. So the endstate is, anyone residing outside the US, without a US phone number has lost that functionality on their ap, and big and... is you can only do this temp ATM limit increase on the phone, during business hours, you can't even do the increase online via the USAA web ap. Now under my trusted devices, it list none. I have been using the same phone and tablet for more than 18 months, never had a problem, always used the AP and now cannot. I have called twice to raise a concern, and to make sure the problem wasn't me misunderstanding how to use the AP. No one is even sure how to raise this issue to higher ups to see if this is just an issue that needs to be resolved in the IT department etc. Payday coming, is this weekend. i can't imagine the call volume when all the Oconus USAA users (many active duty military) will not be able to increase their daily limit via the ap and will be flooding the customer service phone line. I can't imagine how many Oconus retirees will be calling.

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 Hello @OCONUSRetirement, Thanks for taking the time to post. I've forwarded your post to the appropriate area for further review and handling. You can also start a chat online to increase your ATM limit. To initiate a secure online chat, please select ASK USAA near the top of your account page, or from the HELP tab, select Chat from the Contact Us Chat options. Our chat team is available 24/7. Thank you and please let me know if you have any additional questions. ~Sarah 

@USAA - actually your Chat function does not always work and this is one of the problems that members are running into with USAA.   First e-mail communication was taken away, then the phone lines are busy and you can spend 20 minutes on hold to talk to someone and then get transferred to someone else who may or may not have the (correct?) answer and then the chat function does not always work.   Why has USAA made it so difficult for the members?    

   But speaking of ATM limits.....this does raise the question, why can we no longer set our debit and cash advance limits permanently to zero on our ATM/debit/cash advance cards that are attached to our checking accounts?  Other institutions do this (you just call and request it) and they even send a follow up letter saying "it's done".     USAA allowed this in this past if we requested it in writing and I don't understand the downside as it is a form of protection for the member, especially for those of us who never use our cards for debit or cash advance transactions, only for the occasional ATM transaction.

    No need to route this up the food chain as it never helps.