I've tried several times to add my USAA AmEx card to my Apple Pay and every time I get an error. Is there any reasoning or estimate as to when Apple pay will be available for USAA Amex users?


JW I too am looking to get my USAA AMX up on apply pay. After some google searches I saw a post from USAA that says early 2015 we'll be able to use our AMX. Hopefully it comes soon....

I am, by no means, an expert on this subject, however I would imagine that USAA has to do some administrative licensing agreement with AMEX before they can enable AMEX-branded credit cards for ApplePay. 

It looks like we're taking a step in the right direction I tried adding my Amex last night and I received a different error than before.

I just called USAA to validate my MasterCard.  I was transferred to a 3rd party call center that took care of the validation.  I asked about getting my USAA AMEX tied to Apple Pay and was told that was expected to to live March 31, 2015.  So give it a try then!  Hope the person was correct.

Despite no official word on implementation, i was SUCCESSFUL today in adding my AMEX card to Apple Pay. You will have to call in at one point to an automated system, and I needed to speak with a representative, but the bottom line was it worked.

Can confirm: I was just able to add my USAA AMEX to Apple Pay. Just had to make a quick call to USAA to verify.