Needed to deposit a check over the daily limit amount via mobile deposit. I don't live near a USAA bank. Called USAA to see how I can make this deposit today. They told me that they have joined with some UPS stores to make deposits. I was so happy to hear, my money went in immediately (was a state check so no hold on it) and was able to use the funds that same day! Thank you USAA for helping me out!!


What? I did the same thing and mine is still on hold since the 27th of decemeber . And won't be available until the 6th. If I may ask was it a small amount? Or was it a check or money order? I was told the same thing and instead of it being available immediately I'm still waiting.
It was over the max daily limit for deposit through mobile deposit, for me it is $10,000. Not sure if that is standard or what. My check was also a federal state check, which USAA did warn me that depending what "type" of check it was, there could be a hold. I guess when you deposit it the system will let you know automatically if there's a hold on it or not. USAA has no control over that if you deposit it this way. I hope that helps.

Have you tried calling USAA to see what the hold up is?