UGMA 529 Plans vs. GI Bill - Which to use first for kids going to college



We have two children that will hopefully attend college in about 3 and 11 years respectively.  We have the GI bill (spouse’s) to address roughly 2 years of most college costs for each of them (thinking public universities) and are on-track to save 2 years or so of funds for each of them in 529 UGMA plans (my remaining GI Bill entitlement was used on our oldest child’s college costs).


My question is when college begins for our younger kids, will it be better to use the 529 plan funds first or the GI bill entitlement first and why? 


I should also point out that we have the way ahead as far as retirement and other expenses addressed between pensions and savings/investments.


Thanks in advance for any assist or insight you can provide.


Retired USMC Officer,

Thank you for your question/feedback about the 529 College Savings plan. We would like to put you in touch with an investment specialist who can take a closer look at this situation and offer you assistance. If you would, please message us here: