Every year I make a withdrawal from my annuity, this year my experience proved to be a heartfelt disappointment. Having had the privilege of doing business with purposeful, trustful, financial 'wizards' for many years, I relied on their considered advice and I remain grateful to them. This time, I wasn't so fortunate. It was my fault to have called in ONE DAY EARLY to make my withdrawal, that included a penalty because of my inattention. However, I believe it was my usaa representative's "insight", responsibility and purpose to bring that to my attention.....and perhaps thoughtfully tell me to wait ONE MORE DAY.  In my disappointment, please know,  I am not a financial player, usaa wouldn't miss me for a second! 


Hello, @Chesire. That is very concerning to read. Bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further support. ~ Steven

Absolutely. Grateful for your concern.