It was last year or the year before when TurboTax surprised it's users by having taken segments or modules out of the program that had always been included in previous versions.  It was a surprise to learn within the program we would have to shell out additional money to have what we had assumed was always there.  H&R Block offered a free switch and I was leery, but I'm really happy with it again this year for my complicated return.


USAA is not exporting year end forms to H&R Block's tax software, nor any other, because USAA has a relationship with TurboTax.  Allowing to export to only one of the many tax softwares does not serve the USAA members.  USAA knows what it means to serve TurboTax.  You need to correct that.


No, it's not earth shattering and I can enter the tiny 1099-INT amounts manually but even after closing every account we had with USAA for forty years we still encounter a "gotcha".  Ugh!




I would like USAA to address this issue and confirm or deny your assertions. I am about to start my taxes. I left Quicken and Turbotax years ago for such gimmicks as you mention, and for essentially changing to a subscription service that required triennial license repurchases for no improved functionality. USAA continues to have miserable support for those who download OFX or QFX files for desktop financial software, so I would not be surprised if your statement about downloading year-end documents for import is true. USAA seems to be morphing into the same form of wallet raiders that Intuit became. Once outstanding products such as Quicken and Turbotax became predatory, and lost their loyal base.

Thank you both for your comments. I am reaching out to the investments team for an answer, and will post here as soon as I have an update. Thank you.

Turbotax included the sale of stock in it's deluxe version for 25 years.  This is the middle of the road version.  This year they moved this module to the Premier version ($20 more) for the first time.  If you have any capital gains you must upgrade this year.  This is the second time turbotax has tried to screw it's BEST customers.  About 5 years ago they decided to limit the number of returns you could work on in the program to ONE.  The peanut gallery went crazy and they relented.  You would have thought they learned their lesson... but no.  They tried again this year to screw us.  25 years as a Turbotax customer  and I'll NEVER use them again.

Thank you for your feedback lcarus.



You promised an answer to this over a year ago...  Has USAA customer service really gotten THAT bad?