well I am not at fault, I have my approval written, I didn't receive the money at all neither the dealer,the problem they approved the loan, they promised to pay then they declined it, and I didn't ask to cancel the loan. It doesn't have to be smart to understand what happened. Also I didn't say the word "negotiate " in my post. Huh weird. you may be reading from another page. Anyway I am expecting some specialist to answer.


I imagine you're not at fault, and negotiating is all part of the process of buying a vehicle or home, we rarely have to negotiate in our lives anymore, unless you spend a lot of time at garage sales, there it's all about the negotiating...it is a lost art for, for many, it's a day to day thing. I would not feel bad about losing a deal if you have impeccable negotiating skills, but if your skills at the art of negotiation are lacking, well feeling bad about it is ok, but improving upon negotiation skills maybe appropriate for someone if they intend on negotiating any kind of deal, the more I think about it there is plenty of negotiating going on day to day..leaders of countries negotiate all the time, wall street brokers are kings of negotiating, but alas I digress, this is about you and your deal you had, and lost (unfortunately) and are relatively free from fault on. But what I find most interesting is that you have come to an open forum, posted about your troubled brokerage, that you definitely didn't mention in your first post, having to renegotiate or negotiate for that matter and are waiting for a specialist to answer your question. I have to ask, why in the beginning when the person asked you about the protection clause for $269 you opted out? And isn't it strange that the very thing that you opted out of, is what is causing you this headache? You're probably right, they probably have these things that we can opt out of (choices) and then they come back at ya (when you're vulnerable, like cruising around in your new ride, without your credit card) and muck up a good deal for ya cause you actually needed the very thing they tricked you into opting out of, dang it all to heck, well best of luck, and if you have a lemon law in your state maybe you can use that to negotiate the return of the vehicle to the dealer, I suppose next time I need a new ride, I'll just pay cash...


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