Trust-Owned Deposit Account Update Request

I received this letter dtd Oct 22 requesting "Additional Account Holder and Trust Information" (after submitting a long form a few months ago with additional information).


The instructions in the letter read: "1. Select one of your checking, savings or CD accounts.  2. Follow the instructions to update your information"


When I do that there are NO instructions as to how to update the information.


I've tried calling customer service, but the long wait times and limited availability have made that impossible.


I tried Chat, but the person I Chatted with today said I had to call Customer Service. (I asked if there was a mailing address and his response was they do not have that service).


The letter does say that if the information is not supplied within 90 days, the accounts will be subject to being closed. But since you don't provide a method for supplying the information, should I close them now?

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With all the bashing going on here, I felt that I must report that USAA took care of this problem.

Yesterday I received a call from xxx "from the office of the president".  I explained the issue in just a few sentences.  He promptly connected me with someone he said would be able to take care of the problem.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that after the seemingly obligatory "thank you for calling USAA" recording, a human promptly picked up the phone -- no waiting on hold; no navigating through IVRS gehenna (a substitute word for what I tried to write) .


I again explained the issue and this person was able to promptly gather the necessary information to resolve it to my satisfaction.


So for her: Well Done!

The regular Help process: not so much

Of course, the problem could have been avoided entirely if the initial letter had included all relevant information, but I was told that was a different department <sigh>


I did ask the "president's office representative" about improving their help system, and he said "they are working on it".  But it does seem these days that many businesses are having problems recruiting adequate staff.

We are sorry to hear of the discrepancy with the letter and your account. We will ensure this is reviewed by the appropriate area.  Thank you for the information.  ~JD

This answer is reflective of a USAA attitude blazing on this USAA Community site. Maybe USAA should close this site and focus on something legitimate. Does USAA management even realize or care their public perception is broken and is insulting to it's so called "members".

It sure would be nice if we could get a response that says something like:  "I will be fixing this problem and if you log into your account in 48 hrs, you will see that it is solved. Please let me know if it is not." But is seems the people who respond here are not the people who can make things happen (nor is anyone else I've communicated with about this and other issues).


I'll keep my fingers crossed but I won't hold my breath.  They did write about not closing the accounts for 90 days, so I have time to explore options.