I posted a response to a frustrated customer's trust account concerns about two weeks ago and shared my own difficulties with USAA trust account service.   I was surprised by the response from a USAA Member Advocacy Advisor.  She was totally knowledeable and had carefully reviewed my file.  This was a game changer for me.  After more than 50 years with USAA, I had planned to change all accounts immediately.  However, it's not the error, but how the bank responded and corrected it that counts.  I wish this service had existed four years ago when the initial issue needed to be addressed.  The fact that USAA even has Member Advocacy Advisors now is huge.  I've changed plans and will remain a USAA customer.  I can't find my original post but would update it with this change if I could.


Hi @Disappointed M1 

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow up here in community and share your experience. I so appreciate your willingness to post and I am so very pleased you are happy with the service from the advocacy team.


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Thanks again for taking the time to follow up!