I have yet to be able to make a successful check deposit at a UPS Store. Any one else have this problem? Unfortunately from time to time I get checks that are higher than the allowed mobile deposit limit. I've driven to multiple UPS Stores all none have worked. The UPS employees are not normally surprised (or concerned). Any ideas? About to have to switch banks because mailing in checks over snail mail isn't an acceptable option. Thanks.



I have been able to use this service successfully in the past. I do know that not all UPS stores are able to do this. Here in the community I don't have access to your member information. Could you please email your member number and concerns to socialmedia@usaa.com and they'll get back to you to see what a solution could be. 

OAR et.al.,

    I ran into this for the first time today and found it highly inconvenient.  I had expected to take my check to deposit at the UPS location nearest to my commute home and have no issues but instead I ran into a few tell-tale signs of a good idea with poor execution and oversight.  The first UPS Store location apparently had a malfunctioning reader/scanner for the paper check.  After a number of well-intended tries to get this system to properly scan and accept the check, the agent at UPS Store had to admit defeat and apologize.  He indicated a few key things to me right off the bat, that the USAA system is generally quite slow to access (may be the location's broadband service?) as opposed to other web services they utilize at the location and that the agent had requested the owner have the third-party company that services the scanner equipment come out multiple times, but the owner had not made that appointment yet.  Reluctantly, I drove on to second location expecting that it was just bad luck at the first.  Unfortunately, I was wrong again and the access to the USAA system was equally slow if not slower at the second location (as evidenced by the very impatient agent) and then the comedy of "fooling" the scanner to get it to take the check began again to no avail.  Much like a scene at vending machine where some sugar-whipped fiend is dying to get a soda and keeps smoothing and re-smoothing their dollar bill with hopes that the machine will recognize it is indeed real currency and not illegal paper and provide the poor sod his sugar fix.  In any event, the second location for UPS store was also a bust and the owner indicated that he had trouble with the machine a bit but could often get it to work (except tonight when it matters most to me).  I indicated that he should have it repaired/replaced and he agreed but will likely not do much unless there are a number of other like myself using this service enough to really warrant that amount of effort.

   I will try for a third and further location tomorrow, but have lower expectations. I will be calling ahead on this trip to at least make sure that the store has at least a little more confidence in their equipment than the previous two locations but overall I feel that this additional service by USAA may be looking better on paper than in execution in this short experience with it.  USAA may do well to have some stricter compliance rules for all UPS Stores since these are individual franchises and seem to see fit to run things how they want and likely keep lower priority for maintenance of this equipment or keep in close communication directly with USAA to mitigate issues like mine.  The reality is that I would be really shocked if either owner reached out to USAA to complain about the lack of service they were able to provide me at their establishment due to the equipment (likely not USAA's problem...directly) or the responsiveness of the software used to process these requests.  Is it unreasonable to ask that owner's provide proof of routine maintenance of their equipment for a specified interval or perhaps a simplified support ticket/feedback system that allows owners or agents of UPS Store to report issue quickly to USAA (maybe this does exist and is under utilized?).  In any event, the real loss is to USAA's customers and to USAA's reputation if this is a pervasive issue.  I will be looking about to see if this reported in other areas as well.

    If you plan to use this option for check deposit, call ahead at the least and validate that the system and scanning equipment are in operable condition as far as the owner/agent of the UPS Store can tell. It might save you some frustration.