I'm clearly not the only one who is terribly disappointed in Victory Capital. I tried to pre-register before the change, but I'm overseas, and they need a US number for verification. Why would USAA choose a company that REQUIRES a US-based number??? I'm a probIem solver...I BOUGHT a skype number, then went back to finsh the process. I got all the way to address verification. No go. The address on file wasn't completely correct, so I added a couple of things in the 'add an address' box. It was then complete, and correct, and matches exactly the address USAA has used for a decade. Victory Capital didn't 'recognize' it. I STILL can't complete the registration process. I am so disappointed. This new relationship (that USAA has gotten me into) does not look promising. Thanks to all others who have posted about their experience, and to anyone who has taken the time to read this. I appreciate having a place to vent, and I really appreciate knowing I am not alone in this. 


An hour ago I posted the name of a VC POC who helped me fix this problem for our accounts. I received the POC from a facebook message from VC.


USAA has since, via a direct call, asked me to remove the name of the VC POC from this website.


Feel free to send me a direct message if you want to discuss how I was able to solve this problem since I could not fix the problem using normal customer service channels.


Because of this forum, I went to the VC facebook page and posted there. I very quickly heard from David Friedman, who asked me to call him, or if it was ok for him to call me. I called, and he very quickly took care of the issues with the overseas phone number and DPO address. I don't know what went wrong here, but I think Victory is trying to do right by us. I am willing to give them a chance.